I Rented One Of Those E-Scooters In KL And It Was Way More Fun Than I Expected

Why walk when you can scoot?

Cover image via Sunny Phang & Tamara Jayne/SAYS

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If you've been to KL, you might have spotted these purple e-scooters scattered in various parts of the city.

I recently tried it out and turns out, it's pretty damn fun.

Disclaimer: This isn't a sponsored post. Just a writer who's sick of sitting at her desk all day and likes to try new things.

Image via Sunny Phang

Singapore-based start-up Beam kicked off its e-scooter service in KL back in 2019 and it has been around ever since. It has e-scooters parked all over the Bukit Bintang, KLCC, and Ampang areas and will soon be launching in Bangsar, Setapak, and Shah Alam.

If you're tired of taking public transport or just want to try out a fun activity, I'd definitely recommend renting one of Beam's e-scooters and exploring the city.

Feeling the wind blowing through your hair as you scoot around has got to be one of the best feelings in the world

You get to see a side of KL city you wouldn't normally experience from inside vehicles. And it also gets you to nearby places much quicker than if you were to walk.

Here are some cool shots my friend, Sunny, took along the way:

Image via Sunny Phang
Image via Sunny Phang
Image via Sunny Phang
Image via Sunny Phang

We drove to KL and rented the e-scooters early in the morning to avoid the blazing afternoon heat as much as possible. However, you do have the option to ride at any point, whether day or night.

If you want to try it out, it's super easy to get started. Here's how:

1. Download the Beam app.
2. Fill in your bank account details.
3. Scan the QR code on one of the e-scooters, which you'll spot around KL (especially Bukit Bintang area) and Ampang.
4. Start your ride!

The app explains steps on how to ride the e-scooter but it's pretty straightforward. Just fold the kickstand up and push off with one foot to get the scooter moving.

Once you have momentum, gently press and hold the 'Go' button to start the motor:

How much it costs and some other things to take note of:

1. It costs RM0.60 per minute to ride. There's usually a small unlocking fee, but there's a current promotion which makes it free of charge!

Be prepared to spend a bit, depending on how long you want to ride. It cost us around RM22 to RM24 each for slightly more than 20 minutes of riding (it only starts charging once you start riding). 

What makes it convenient is that there are quite a few Beam parking facilities around, so you can just stop the ride whenever you'd like, walk for a bit, and start another ride on a different e-scooter if you're tired.

There's a Beam parking facility located just outside of Lot 10.

Image via Tunnel Time

2. Some scooters may seem like they don't work, but they probably need maintenance (a sign will pop up on the screen) or need to be charged. Don't worry, just stop the ride and switch to a different e-scooter.

3. Parking at the designated e-scooter parking facilities is free of charge. Or you will be fined for parking anywhere else (the app shows where the parking facilities are located).

4. The e-scooter speed can go up to 20km/h, which can be pretty fast. When riding, stay on the pavements and bicycle lanes as much as possible. You might spot annoying vehicles parked on designated bicycle lanes so just be mindful of that. If you drive a car or ride a motorcycle, please don't park on these lanes to avoid any accidents. 

Ok that's all. Happy scooting!

Image via Sunny Phang

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