Hidden Room In PJ Record Store Lets You Chill And Listen To 4,000 Vinyls In A Cosy Space

Bring your own beverages and enjoy some tunes!

Cover image via SAYS

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There's something comforting and nostalgic about sitting back and enjoying music from a record player.

Vinyls somehow have their own distinct sound that feel richer and warmer.

Tucked behind a record store in Amcorp Mall is an unsuspecting door that leads to a cosy room where you can sit, chill, and have a drink, while enjoying tunes from a vinyl record player, also known as a turntable or phonograph back in the day.

Image via SAYS

Watch a snippet of the room with sound on below:

The Groove Room is a record store founded in 2020 by Mohan, a Malaysian who simply wanted to share his love for vinyls

He used to be an accountant but has since retired, and decided to take his hobby of collecting records to the next level.

Although his shop looks like a regular record store from the outside, as you enter, there's a door at the back that leads to a quaint little room for those looking to enjoy his selection of 4,000 records.

Image via SAYS

Framed vinyl records line the walls of the room while a record player with a sound system takes centre stage surrounded by a cushy sofa and an armchair

Mohan shared with SAYS that the frames were sized specifically for records so he can alternate the vinyls whenever needed.

For example, if you want a specific theme or artiste to be showcased, he can change the records in the frames to suit the vibe.

Image via SAYS

The front half is a record store and if you want to rent the room at the back, he charges a mere RM50 an hour

The space can accommodate up to four people, and you're free to bring your own beverages, sit back, and enjoy some good ol' tunes.

You can choose to listen to anything from his collection, from classics like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Pink Floyd, to movie soundtracks like Pulp Fiction. He also holds CD-albums-turned-into-vinyls from the likes of Tupac, India Arie, and Eminem.

Image via SAYS

On the side, Mohan also offers Hi-Fi system setups for those who want to put together their own record player and sound system but have no idea where to begin.

He understands that many people often want to get into vinyl records, but are held back by budgetary issues. So, he helps them set up their own player and sound system while working around what's affordable for each person.

Mohan shared that he doesn't earn much profit from The Groove Room, and all of this is just a hobby for him and a way to share his vinyl passion with others.

Image via SAYS

The Groove Room is open from Tuesday to Sunday at 12pm to 8pm, with extended hours to 9pm if you're renting the room for music sharing

Image via SAYS

Mohan standing by the entrance of his shop ready to welcome guests.

Image via SAYS

Here's where you can find the shop:

Lot 160, Level 1 Amcorp Mall 18, Jalan Persiaran Barat,
Seksyen 52, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday 12pm – 8pm (or 9pm) 
Closed on Monday.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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