You’ll Want To Pack Your Bags For Lesser-Known Changsha After Seeing These Photos

This picturesque city in China will enchant you.

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This lesser-known city in China might not have won over your heart immediately, but the charming history and incredible sceneries in this picturesque city will reel you in soon enough

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Although not as ancient a capital city as Beijing, Nanjing or Xian, Changsha also has rich historical heritages including old wall remains, tomb sites, religious temples and buildings. What earns the city its reputation among visitors are two things. One is a great man in recent history, Chairman Mao Zedong and the other is Yuelu Academy, a time-honored academic school perched on the scenic Yuelu Mountain.

1. Get ready to have your breath taken by the enchanting Yuelu Mountain

Yuelu Mountain, located in the west of Xiangjiang, this scenic spot is made up of low hills, rivers, lakes, natural flora and fauna, cultural monuments, modern celebrity graves and revolutionary memorial sites in China.
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Yuelu Academy.

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2. You won't believe your eyes at the beauty of Phoenix Ancient town

Also known as Fenghuang Ancient City, it is an outstandingly well-preserved town which harbours distinct customs, architectural remains, arts, ethnic languages and more of Qing as well as Ming styles. It is never touched by any kind of modernization.
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All travellers visiting this town are impressed much by its elegance, mystery and also the primitive simplicity. The entire area is being dominated by green factor. The slopes of mountains are completely covered with fields and green foliage. The distinct houses constructed on stilts as well as bridges over water shows a harmony which is always portrayed in conventional paintings of China.

3. The sight of those precarious peaks at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park will make the trip all worth it

If it looks familiar, it's because you might know it as the dreamy landscape of Pandora in Avatar

Zhangjiajie was thrust into foreigner travelers' eyes after the movie Avatar. The Hallelujah Mountains in Avatar were inspired by Heavenly Pillar in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

Zhangjiajie is famous for its precarious peaks, limpid streams, dense forests, and large karst caves. In 1982, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park became China's first national forest park.

There's even an Avatar statue - depicting Neytiri, we assume - to pay an ode to the Hollywood blockbuster

4. Experience an adrenaline-filled stroll at the Tianmenshan Mountain glass walkway 4,700 feet above sea level

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Your heart will beat fast at Tianmen Mountain on the world’s longest cable car, the suspended glass walkway almost a mile (1,430 meters) above the ground, and the ‘99 Bends’ mountain road.
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5. The statue at Orange Island Park will have you looking with amazement

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Orange Island, also known as Ju Island and Water Continental Island, is located the middle of Xiangjiang River in the Changsha section. It is one of alluvial sandbanks in the Lower Xiangjiang River and is also the largest inland island in the world.

This narrow island in the middle of Changsha is probably the second most popular attraction for tourists after Mount Yuelu. There are gardens and thousands of fruit trees, frequent grand firework displays in the evening, and a big statue of Mao's head.

6. Visit the Han Tombs in Mawangdui, the treasure of China

From 1972 to 1974, people have unearthed three Han tombs from Mawangdui Township. In the three tombs, number two is the Prime Minister Licang of Changsha in early Han Dynasty, number one is Li Cang’s wife, and number three is Li Cang’s son. The burying time is twelve years of the Wen emperor in western Han (168 B.C.).

7. Enrich yourself with the history of Changsha at the Hunan Provincial Museum

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The museum boasts abundant collections that feature the cultural relics excavated from the world-famous Mawangdui Tombs of Han Dynasty, the bronze wares of the Shang and the Zhou Dynasties, cultural relics of Chu Dynasty, pottery and porcelain works from various dynasties, calligraphy works and paintings, and modern cultural relics.

Mummy of Lady Dai in the Hunan Provincial Museum.

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8. Enjoy the various activities the park has to offer at Window Of The World

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Changsha Window on the World a theme park with human civilization history as the masterstroke. It gathers world wonders, historical sites, ancient and modern scenic spots, famous residence of the world, folk-custom, international singing and dancing performances, showing a beautiful world with the coexistence nature and civilization, history, reality and fantasy.
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9. Feel the energy at Huangxing Street and savour the shopping experience at Wuyi Square Shopping Centre

The front of Huangxing Walking Street sprouts from Jiefang Road and stretches south to Chengnan Road. In many ways the center of the city revolves around walking street. There is shopping malls, snacks shops, a concert stage at the center square, throngs of people and always something interesting to see.

10. Treat your taste buds with some local delicacies, with halal restaurants available for our Muslims friends

For a list of Muslim restaurants in Changsha, check out this link and this link.

Broaden your horizons in Changsha now. You won't regret paying a visit to this enchanting, picturesque city in China! Take lots of photos, alright?

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