Top 10 Lies Your Parents Told You As Kids

When you were growing up, did your parents ever tell you little white lies they felt was for your own good? Here are the top 10 lies our parents told us, from JinnyboyTV's video and #LiesParentsTell.

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10. "When I Was Your Age, I Never Disrespected My Parents"

9. "UPSR Is The Most Important Exam In Your Life"

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8. "Behave Yourself, Otherwise The Police Will Catch You"

Screen grab from JinnyboyTV's video titled "Lies Parents Tell"

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7. "Don't Leave Any Rice On Your Plate If Not Next Time Your Boyfriend Will Have Lots Of Pimples"

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6. "Don't Eat Chicken Feet, Later Your Handwriting Will Be Bad"

Photo of Mao Xinyu, grandson of Mao Zedong, who is known for his bad handwriting.

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5. "You Wanna Grow Taller Right? Eat More Long Beans"

"You Wanna Grow Taller Right? Eat More Long Beans"

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4. "Music No Future One, Be A Doctor."

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3. "If You Tell Me The Truth, You Won't Get Into Trouble"

2. "You're The Worst Daughter Ever! That Fella's Daughter From Dunno Which Country Got Straight A's, What Are You Doing?"

Asian parent meme, from Tumblr.

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1. "If You Eat Watermelon Seeds, The Plant Will Grow In Your Stomach"

"They say if you eat a watermelon seed a watermelon will grow in your stomach. They were right." Photo from Cheezburger.

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WATCH: JinnyboyTV's "Lies Parents Tell"

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