"No Time Lah" And Other Typical Excuses That Hinder People From Traveling

It's time to face the truth!

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Have you met people who go on about how much they love to travel... but haven't gone on a single trip in forever?

You know the ones. When you share stories of your latest backpacking trip, the first thing they'll say is "Oh man, I'd love to do that too but I can't right now", accompanied by a whole lot of reasons why they're staying grounded. Funnily enough, they are also the ones who often claim travelling is one of their favourite things to do!

You've probably heard enough of these classic excuses:

1. "I got no money lah!"

The great part about travelling is, you really don't need to be swimming in cash to see the world; some financial discipline is all you need! Sure, a well-paying job helps but most travellers can afford their trip mostly because they are willing to make some sacrifices, like going without their indulgent latte stops everyday.

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Also, travelling doesn't always mean an extravagant trip that empties out your life savings. There's always the option of travelling to somewhere local or regional first, if that's what the budget allows, and moving on to further places when the bank balance approves. Most travellers also save a whole lot on their trip by keeping updated on the latest promotions, while some travel pros keep their budget in check by booking their flight and hotel as a package.

2. "It's not safe to travel!"

There's no need to travel to a foreign country to be in danger; sometimes the walk back home from the LRT station is life-threatening enough. It's always important to take the precautions necessary, but the random possibility of being in danger shouldn't be an excuse to not travel.

On that note, it would be wise to avoid problematic areas that are deemed unsafe for travel, especially where political unrest and terrorism threats are concerned.

3. "Where got time?"

The unfortunate fact is that a large number of people are overworked and leave their annual leave barely touched. Yes, a career deserves attention and effort, but so does one's well-being. Plus, studies continue to reveal that people who take time off work end up more productive!

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There's more to life than fiercely typing away at the desk and rushing from one appointment to another, after all. The key thing is to work out a travel plan that's doable for one's schedule, whether it's one long trip a year or quick, short breaks every few months.

4. "There's nobody to teman me..."

With solo travelling becoming a hot travel trend, travelling alone has never been easier! The best perk of travelling alone: the itinerary's all about what you want to do! It's the perfect opportunity to finally visit all those quirky places and try all the crazy dishes.

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Travelling alone is a great opportunity for some personal time. Sure, things might get awkward at first but in the end, it's a vital lesson on being comfortable in one's own company.

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Plus, going solo gives all the more reasons to make some friends! Instead of sticking to the clique on a trip, hanging out alone is the perfect motivation to strike up some of the most memorable conversations of one's life.

5. “It's not like there’s anything to see there also...”

Some people don't quite favour travelling to little-known destinations for fear of having nothing remarkable to do there. The thing about extremely popular travel destinations, however, is that they tend to be pricier, which leads to excuse #1 all over again.

But what most people don't realise is that there's wonder everywhere in the world! A little research goes a long way to find out which spots off the beaten track to pick.

Deer Cave, Sarawak

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Even the corners of our own backyard are home to some pretty amazing hidden charms, from the hipster cafes of Kota Bharu to the majestic caves around the country.

6. "Travelling is nobody's priority..."

True, some people may have other things on their to-do list, but that's no reason to put down travellers who make it a point to take time off to discover rich cultures, catch up on unique sights, and gain some of the best experiences life has to offer.

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On the bright side, travel doesn't always have to be that forgotten passion either! If it's been on the to-do list for too long, perhaps it's time to give that priority list a little reorganisation and find a way to make that long-awaited trip feasible.

You world traveller, you! Go on, keep doing your thing!

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Other people can be busy cooking up one excuse after another but in the meantime, you'll be doing what you do best: globe-trotting! Check out AirAsiaGo for some ideas on where to head off to next. While you're at it, trim down your travel budget by getting access to insane flight-and-hotel package deals on AirAsiaGo.

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