9 Things To Do When Your Travel Plans Are Controlled By The Dreaded 'B' Word

Making your world traveller dreams come true doesn't necessarily have to make you want to tear your hair out.

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While the word "budget" may not be the sexiest word in your travel dictionary, it could be just the challenge you need!

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Here are some travel tips to keep your spending on track:

1. Don't choose the destination; let the destination choose YOU

When you don't have a specific destination in mind, let the current travel deals dictate where your next adventure will be. The coolest promos could roll around to places you wouldn't have otherwise thought to explore.

2. Don't book your flight and hotel separately; have them packaged together for maximum savings

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Not only will it be easier to keep track of when you're travelling, booking your flight and accommodation as a package can earn you major discounts. As an example, AirAsiaGo's 5D 3N packaged trip to Sydney (inclusive of return flights on AirAsia, 3 nights' stay at Holiday Inn Potts Point Sydney, and taxes) amounts to RM4,300* per couple, a whopping RM998* less than what it would have cost if the flights and hotel were booked separately.

*Note: Amount may vary according to travel dates

3. Prowl the interwebs for the best online deals on the attractions in your must-visit list

If you're into museum hops, check to see if the destination you're heading to has a Museum Pass that gives you unlimited access to the city's range of museums. The Paris Pass, for example, includes access to over 60 museums, activities like the Seine River Cruise, and unlimited travel on public transport.

Some theme parks offer cheaper rates for online bookings, which sometimes includes Fast-Track features as well (no queues for you!). Not having to queue at Waterbom Bali will only help maximise your water park quota.

4. Pack light to avoid the dreaded overweight luggage fees

Even though you swear you're not gonna go overboard with the shopping (this time), your holidaying self may have other plans. Here are some tips to give your luggage some breathing space:

5. If you're one of the lucky souls who gets to travel for work, use it as a building block to your perfect vacation plan

Your flight's already paid for, so if you have the time, extend your stay and explore the city you're in!

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What would have gone into paying for your flight could be put to good use, like a Thai cooking class, or perhaps a unique dinner experience at Bangkok's Vertigo & Moon Bar Rooftop Dining.

6. Forget about packaged tours, get to know the city like a true local

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Free walking tours, fast becoming a favourite in a number of cities around the world, are the perfect way to explore the hidden gems in your travel destination!

7. Be better than hotel breakfasts

Although convenient, they don't exactly offer the best value. Up the authenticity and lower the meal costs by joining the local crowd for breakfast.

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After all, which experience will you treasure more: Tucking into a soulless buffet or scouring the streets of Vietnam for a comforting bowl of pho?

8. Have a rough plan in mind for where you'll likely be stopping by during meal times

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Stomach grumbles in an unfamiliar area are bound to happen, but simply settling on a random restaurant may see you running the risk of getting overpriced meals and watered-down tourist-targeted flavours. Avoid all that; do your restaurant research!

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Get to know the dishes loved by the locals in the area. When in Istanbul, for example, give the flashy tourist-y restaurants a pass and head to Eminönü Pier for the best grilled fish sandwiches of your life.

Here's another fun, Instagram-worthy idea: when in Tokyo, grab a sushi tray from one of their amazing departmental stores and have a scenic picnic in the park!

9. Be aware of the many, many ways conniving scammers are scheming to get to your money

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There's nothing worse than having your travel budget completely derailed by being cheated or pick-pocketed. Here are some common scams to watch out for:

- Free bracelets or rosemary: A friendly person approaches you with a “free” friendship bracelet or rosemary, and will demand money once you take it.

- Spills on your clothing: Common in Europe, a traveller walking down the street will feel something plop on their shoulder, often times a fast-food condiment. A friendly stranger will help to clean the mess while plucking your wallet or purse.

- Fake WiFi hubs: Hackers will set up tempting unsecured WiFi hotspots in public locations that unsuspecting victims will eagerly connect to, giving access to your passwords, online accounts, and more.

- Fake hotel wakeup call: While staying at a hotel, you get a call from the front desk in the middle of the night to confirm your credit card details. Only it isn’t the front desk calling, it’s a scammer copying down your card details.

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