Local Food Influencer Khairulaming Praised For Opening A Factory In His Kelantan Hometown

In one year, Khairulaming has sold 621,800 bottles of his Sambal Nyet Berapi, equivalent to RM8.6 million worth of sales.

Cover image via @khairulaming (Twitter) & khairulamingbrand (Shopee)

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From sharing recipe videos every Ramadan on Instagram to owning a 14,000sqft factory, local food influencer Khairulaming is making great strides as an entrepreneur

The 30-year-old, who's real name is Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman, shared the good news on Twitter recently that a year after its official launch, his debut product Sambal Nyet Berapi has achieved sales worth RM7.5 million.

"From 6 January 2021 to 6 January 2022 we managed to sell 540,000 bottles of Sambal Nyet, which is equivalent to sales of RM7.5 million. As of today, 2 March 2022, this amount has increased to 621,800 bottles, equivalent to sales of RM8.6 million," he wrote.

In a video, he narrated the bittersweet journey he went through to reach this milestone in his career.

Building his own factory from the ground up was challenging, Khairul Amin said, but he was motivated to learn the manufacturing process from A to Z

The 14,000sqft factory — located in his hometown Kota Bharu, Kelantan — cost more than RM1 million to design the layout and install the machines, which were imported.

"For the past half a year, I made all kinds of mistakes. Bought the wrong machine, bought the wrong material, made the wrong layout, and so on. But from there, we learned," he related.

"I would like to thank everyone for supporting Sambal Nyet Berapi from the start of its launch until now," he added in the video, and expressed his gratitude towards his team for the consistent support over the years.

Many Malaysians celebrated the good news with the celebrity chef, describing his journey as inspirational

Image via Twitter

Twitter users also praised Khairul Amin for deciding to open the factory in his birthplace to support the local economy, instead of in a bigger city like the capital.

Image via Twitter

He also revealed that the factory was actually built to make two products

"Yes, there will be a second product after Sambal Nyet later, but it will be kept a secret for now," he said.

Khairul Amin's next focus is to prepare for the fasting month of Ramadan and he hopes to reach sales of one million bottles in the near future.

"To this day, thank God, the sale of Sambal Nyet has been selling out every day. More and more people can buy it because we have been increasing daily production many times over from before."

Watch his announcement here:

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