Hold Your Horses, Everyone. There Are More Long Weekends In 2016!

There's no such thing as too many holidays!

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The year 2015 is coming to a close soon and looking back this year, long weekends and short getaways were definitely all the rage!

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You might have your year-end holidays all planned, but why stop there? The 2016 calendar holds more long weekends you can look forward to.

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With 8 official long weekends nationwide, it's enough to get us thrilled! You can also take just one day of leave and enjoy 9 long weekends instead.

Keep this handy guide in your phone, computer, or just everywhere!

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As if those 30 days of holiday aren't enough, just wait...

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Don't forget those precious state holidays as well. Yup, more long weekends!

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It would be a waste to spend those treasured vacation days rolling around in bed, so why not make full use of them by travelling to get inspired or simply to have fun

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These long weekends are perfect for exploring the different parts of Malaysia, or even rent one of these luxurious villas and bungalows - vacationing like a bawse!

Limastiga, Umbai, Melaka.

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You'll be surprised by the things you learn when you become a tourist in your own country. A change of perspective will help you discover all sorts of beauty of our beloved Bolehland.

It's also worth to catch up with our neighbouring countries and pay them a visit

Rinjani National Park, Lombok, Indonesia.

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Kickstart the year 2016 on the right note with a visit to laidback Vientiane, Laos

...or even plan it for the end of the year 2016 for an easygoing trip to unwind in this city

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The most agreeable temperatures are in the months December and January. Second best are November and February.

You can also visit Bandung, the Paris of Java, a favourite weekend destination of locals and fellow tourists

Braga Street, Bandung, Indonesia.

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For that 5-day long weekend, take a couple more of leave days to venture further like the vibrant coastal city of Busan in South Korea

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Maybe even live your childhood dreams of visiting the theme parks in Gold Coast, Australia

Whether it's travelling local, visiting our neighbouring friends, or flying halfway across the world, the possibilities are endless!

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If you can't decide on where to travel, we've narrowed it down to these places for you! ;)

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