These Locally Made Nuggets Are Said To Taste Just Like McNuggets

The "secret" is out.

  • Nuggets by a brand known as 'First Pride' gained popularity among netizens recently as there have been viral tweets about it

    • If you've always been a fan of McDonald's McNuggets, you'll be thrilled to know a "secret" about it which has been widely shared by Twitter users.

      According to them, the public could easily get nuggets that taste just like McNuggets by buying First Pride's frozen nuggets. These nuggets can be easily found in local supermarkets.

      Most of these tweets have received thousands of retweets and likes so far.

      • F532 Image via Twitter
        Viral tweets saying that people could just buy and fry their own chicken McNuggets.
  • A search on Google on the best nuggets would tell you that the ones by First Pride have been recommended by many people over the years

    • There are several types of chicken nuggets offered by First Pride, but word has it that the 'Tempura Chicken Nuggets' share a similar taste to the nuggets sold at McDonald's in Malaysia.

      Some also said that the 'Home Spiced Tempura Chicken Nuggets' would be a better option for those who like their nuggets spicy.

  • Why the similarity in taste?

    • As pointed out by many, First Pride's frozen products are manufactured by MacFood Services Sdn Bhd, which is McDonald’s Malaysia’s main processing supplier for its protein products such as beef, chicken, and fish.

      MacFood, a subsidiary of US' Keystone Foods, also exports its products to several Middle East countries, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, and Hong Kong, among others. 

  • Apparently some people have already made this discovery years ago

    • Quite a number of people have been talking about First Pride's nuggets and its
      similarity to McNuggets on Twitter, forums and even blogs. 

  • Where can you buy them?

    • First Pride products are available at major supermarkets such as AEON, Tesco, and Giant. They can also be found at convenience stores such as 99 Speedmart.

  • Have you ever tried First Pride's nuggets? Do you plan to try them if you haven't? Share with us in the comment section below!

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