This Malaysian Make-Up Artist Is So Talented, She Morphed Herself Into Najib


Cover image via Instagram @makeupbyasmawati

Watiey Abdullah is a self-taught makeup artist who loves playing with face paints. We know that makeup does wonders, but we couldn't believe our eyes when she turned herself into PM Najib Razak!

'Najib' is just one of the many impressive face paint jobs Watiey has done.

Here's eight of our favourite picks!

1. White Walker from Game of Thrones

2. Groot from Guardians of The Galaxy (Marvel Universe)

3. Gollum from Lord of The Rings

4. Bane from the Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)

5. Iron Maiden's The Book of Souls

6. Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

7. Lana del Rey's bee-stung lips

8. Ghost Rider (Marvel Universe)

We've got to say that we're totally blown away and impressed by these amazing works of art by Watiey!

Check out the rest of her work on her Instagram account @makeupbyasmawati!

Also, check out @queenofluna, a Malaysian who uses makeup and styles her hijab creatively to turn herself into enchanting Disney characters!

It's no secret that PM Najib Razak loves to keep fit. Here are some of the most random photos of him playing some of his favourite sports:

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