"SPF Foundation Can Protect Your Skin" & 10 Other Makeup Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Myths debunked.

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Let's face it, wearing makeup can be a great way to enhance your facial features and boost your confidence

Whether it's just a fun hobby or a self-esteem booster, makeup is for everyone, regardless if you're an amateur or a total pro at it.

SAYS recently spoke with Joni Lynne, a makeup artist (@mycherrystyle) who has been in the industry for 12 years, and got her to debunk myths about makeup you may have believed.

Local makeup artist, Joni Lynne, of @mycherrystyle.

Image via @mycherrystyle (Instagram)

MYTH 1: You don't have to moisturise before applying makeup if you have oily skin

Joni: Chances are, if your skin feels too oily, it could be that you're drying it out too often (eg. with the wrong facial wash, diet, or lifestyle) and it's overcompensating for that.

Think of moisturiser in a new way, not the heavy creams, but perhaps a gel or lotion at the very least, to wear beneath your makeup.

Then, use a slightly thicker formula at night so you wake up with hydrated skin ready for makeup.

MYTH 2: More expensive makeup is better

Joni: We have so many makeup brands and price ranges in Malaysia now. If you have time, a quick search of "dupes for XYZ" these days could expose you to a world of products at lower prices that are similar or exactly the same quality as a high end product.  

Most of these reviews also share the pros and cons of each, and if you read/test enough of these comparisons, you'll find that it's not always the expensive option that wins.

MYTH 3: Your foundation shade should match the back of your hand

Joni: This could be true for a small group of people but it is definitely not a rule of thumb to follow. The best test is still going to be on your face, usually the cheek or jaw.

MYTH 4: Makeup with SPF will protect your skin

Joni: SPF in makeup is insufficient because we're not applying enough of it. You need a good dollop of SPF for it to count, so always pair your makeup with a proper standalone SPF.

MYTH 5: You cannot wear shimmer eyeshadow if you're over 40

Joni: Of course you can, there are no solid rules in makeup! But you can update your techniques by following newer YouTube tutorials by mature makeup artists, specifically for mature skin.

Shimmers have also greatly improved and widened in range lately, so perhaps a change of product may also do the trick.

MYTH 6: SPF is only necessary if you go outdoors

Joni: If you sit near a window, you need SPF. If your plants can survive indoors, it means that both of you are getting UV rays, eh? :D

There are even some light bulbs that produce harmful rays, so a broad spectrum SPF is always a good idea.

MYTH 7: Wearing makeup gives you acne or pimples

Image via Freepik

Joni: So, so subjective, though! If you don't remove your makeup properly, then it may not be the makeup that's causing a breakout.

Same way, if you sleep with your makeup still on or use the wrong type of products for your skin, these could be a cause for acne as well.

Another potential cause could be your lifestyle (too much alcohol/not enough sleep/unsuitable diet/dirty pillowcases/dusty house/cat licking face, etc) or skincare, and the makeup is just holding all that onto your skin or adding to the problem.

There may be many causes for acne, which you'll need to test by eliminating one by one — not just makeup!

MYTH 8: Concealer should be lighter than your foundation shade

Image via Ron Lach/Pexels

Joni: Only if that's the look you're going for. Concealer that is lighter than your skin or foundation is usually taught in tutorials for heavier makeup.

These days, there is also a trend of picking the exact correct colour and targeting it in precise spots in order to wear less concealer and foundation overall.

MYTH 9: Only some people can wear red lipstick

Joni: I think many people don't realise that there are so many reds out there. But it's not always easy to pick up the perfect red for your skin colour and lip undertone.

I highly recommend coming to me testing out more reds because there's surely one that will look great on you.

MYTH 10: Try to pick a foundation shade that's lighter than your skin

Joni: No, what? No.

MYTH 11: You don't need to wash makeup brushes if you don't use them often or only you use them

Joni: I mean, look, if your brushes are sitting on a dusty shelf, then they're collecting dust. If they're in a bag and have liquid foundation or bits of your dead skin or saliva on them, there's also a chance for bacteria or even mould to grow in there waiting for you to wipe on your skin or lips another day. Yuck, right?

Wash your brushes every now and then. If you're super lazy or feel you don't use them often enough, at least spray some alcohol on them before using, OR swap to using just your clean fingers when applying makeup.


Joni specialises in bridal and event makeup. She also teaches private makeup workshops where you can learn the best colours, products, and styles customised specially for your skin tone and preference.

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