19 Ways Having Perfectly Straight Hair Rocks, As Illustrated By Malaysian Instagrammers

Straight is the new black.

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When it comes to picture-perfect hairstyles, silky, straight locks can come in really handy

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From pulling off sleek, minimalistic looks to serving as the perfect accent to a festive outfit, straight hair is as beautifully fuss-free as a hairstyle can get

You're looking good and you know it!

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Check out how these fashionistas rock their straight hair for the ultimate selfie:

1. When your smooth, straight hair is the perfect accessory to your minimalistic look

A photo posted by Amanda liu (@amandalmy) on

2. When it understands your need for dessert runs

A photo posted by S. (@suetyeesze) on

3. When it shows just what it means to cherish the happiest little moments in life

A photo posted by fiqafadzli (@fiqafadzli) on

Selfie tip: There's no need to focus on perfecting poses. Just lie back, relax, and let your good vibes show.

4. When your straight locks rock festive outings without even trying

5. When it's the perfect canvas for your playfully girly #ootd

A photo posted by Juliana Lee (@sundaesins) on

Selfie tip: Great lighting can make your hair shine and skin look amazing! Just make sure you're facing the light and not have your back towards the light.

6. When it's styled perfectly for a monochromatic look

A photo posted by Tess Lively (@tesslively) on

Selfie tip: Tilting your head at an angle is great for highlighting your cheekbones!

7. When your straight hairdo channels just the right amount of playfulness

A photo posted by FELICIA / EEKED (@eeked) on

8. When it makes as much of a statement as your favourite lipstick

A photo posted by N I C O L E (@ncavien) on

9. When it looks great paired with your favourite pair of shades

A photo posted by Natalie (@natalieisasleep) on

10. When it inspires random mid-day self-portraits

A photo posted by leeszehuey (@leeszehuey) on

Selfie tip: One of the most flattering angles is to hold the camera up slightly higher than face level. This helps ensure your features appear more streamlined.

11. When it perfectly contrasts your fluffy choice of dessert

Selfie tip: Snapping a shot with something unusual is sometimes just the burst of fun needed in an otherwise standard selfie.

12. When it joins in the fun of a girls day out

A photo posted by chloe❄ (@above_beyond.c) on

13. When it makes having just one perfect shot impossible

A photo posted by Catnis (@anisellysaa) on

14. When it understands that life's simplest moments are often the happiest

A photo posted by Tey Cindy (@teycindy) on

15. When it tags team with the sun to show off your gorgeous hair colour

A photo posted by Jayce (@jayceeng95) on

16. When your straight hair looks amazing with any filter

A photo posted by ♌ (@vivian_khong) on

Selfie tip: Play around with photo filters to see which ones make your photo stand out even more!

17. When you can snip it to any length and it'll still keep you selfie-ready

18. When it understands the meta-ness of it all

A photo posted by @nadhirabrundage on

Selfie tip: For a more natural look, look at the lens (instead of the screen) when snapping a selfie.

19. When it's the perfect hairdo for a long drive

A photo posted by DIVA IN ME (@stilettoesdiva) on

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