11 Compelling Reasons Why Styling Your Hair Straight Should Count As A Full-Time Job

The things we do for silky, straight hair...

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You know you look stunning with your perfectly straight, blow-dried hair...

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But you also know getting there is a whole other thing...

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1. Half your paycheck is reserved for finding the best hair products to pacify your dry and damaged hair

Why does looking decent require a sizeable part of your monthly commitments?

2. The yearly amount of electricity you use up to style your hair is probably enough to power up a small country

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3. Your carefully-planned morning hair routine requires you to wake up two hours earlier than the rest of the world

While everyone is still living out their ultimate fantasies in Dreamland, you're already done with the third out of twelve steps of your hairstyling repertoire.

4. When your friends can't grasp the concept of time and invite you to the coolest an hour's notice

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As if strategising the perfect outfit doesn't take up enough time already, by the time you're done making your hair look halfway decent, the party would have long adjourned to a nearby mamak.

5. Basically, impromptu plans are a big no-no for you

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Crash at your friend's place tonight and wake up the next morning panicking without your complete hair-styling kit by your side? Yeah, maybe not.

6. Your worst nightmare is oversleeping and going to work with frizzy, air-dried hair

Here comes the smug side-eye from the receptionist, as if you can't already tell you look like you have a sheep on your head.

7. That equally heart-wrenching moment when you've spent all morning doing your hair, and it starts to rain the moment you step outside

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Your hair does its disastrous air-drying trick all over again and you're contemplating just taking an MC and burying yourself under the covers where nobody will see your hair in all its ridiculous glory.

8. There are some days when a blow-dry is only half the hair battle

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Obviously, your hair still hasn't learned the fine art of NOT being a diva. When your hair still looks dodgy at the end of the blow-drying session, it's time to bring in the back-up: the straightening iron.

9. That serious arm workout you get from styling your hair everyday

Spending hours everyday with your hands precariously perched over your head is no joke. You're expecting toned biceps any minute now.

10. You can't understand why the 'wash your hair every other day' beauty advice even exists

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Between the leave-in moisturiser, the anti-frizz cream, and the straightening gel, there's just no feasible way for you to go more than a day without a thorough shower.

11. You avoid the hair salon like the plague

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Between the scathing "Wah, your hair very dry ah!" comments and the ridiculously astronomical bills, lies the desire to learn how to cut your own hair.

But at the end of the day, when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror rocking that straight hair, you can't help but feel proud of your styling skills

The straight hair look obviously agrees with you; you look like a total babe!

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Now, what if we told you there's a way to get your favourite look but without all the madness?

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Here's to your hair staying at its morning best all day!

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Now that blow-drying your hair straight is no longer required, what will you do with all those extra hours in your life? Here are some ideas:

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