M'sians Are Sharing Their Salaries Anonymously On This IG Page In The Name Of Transparency

"Scroll through and if you realise you're underpaid, this is your sign to find better opportunities."

Cover image via Freepik & @malaysianpaygap (Instagram)

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In a culture where it is taboo to talk openly about our salaries, and worse yet, go against company policy for doing so, many Malaysians are often left in the dark to what is an acceptable salary

Unsurprisingly, an Instagram account that is trying to bridge this knowledge and income gap is recently going viral.

The page offers employees a rough idea of how much their peers of similar experience and qualifications earn, and to decide if they are getting paid enough.

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Image via Choo Choy May/Malay Mail

Aptly named @malaysianpaygap, the page is providing people a platform to anonymously share their job details and monthly salaries for others to compare

According to their bio, the Malaysian Pay Gap said they are advocating pay transparency and better salary for all in Malaysia, regardless of age, gender, and ethnicity.

To be featured, users have to provide information according to this template:
– Their job and designation/position
– Age, race, and gender
– How many years into the job
– Job location
– Academic qualifications
– Current salary
– Any thoughts, messages, and insights they wish to share

The page assures that direct messages are deleted every day for utmost anonymity and security.

Here are a few submissions they have received so far:

As of writing, the page has garnered over 11,000 followers since its first post on Wednesday, 23 February

Many social media users have expressed appreciation for the initiative, with Twitter and Reddit users calling for wage transparency to be the new normal.

Several netizens also noted the common theme of low wages among the posts, despite the years of experience, lack of employment benefits, and long working hours some of the submissions had.

Personal finance blogger Suraya Zainudin has also encouraged Malaysians to take a look at the page.

"Scroll through and if you realise you're underpaid, this is your sign to find better opportunities," she tweeted.

Check out the Malaysian Pay Gap Instagram here.

For the first time ever since the national survey began, Malaysia's median income recorded a negative growth in 2021:

In 2020, an engineer drew how an average person's salary has not kept up with the cost of living in over 40 years:

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