Malaysian Senior Citizens Share Their Secrets To Living A Long, Healthy Life

It's not complicated at all!

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With our modern fast-paced lifestyles, it seems most everything is done out of convenience

Many young, working adults resort to ordering fast food, working late, feeling tired and not having enough time to rest, let alone work out!

That's why we're excited about Eco Sanctuary - an eco-themed township that focuses on modern needs in a green, rejuvenating environment, that brings you closer to nature!

#OnlyEcoWorld wants to ensure your health and happiness come first ;)

So, together with Eco Sanctuary, we spoke to Malaysian senior citizens to find out their secrets to living a long, healthy life:

1. "Jog every day, lift mini weights, and climb stairs instead of taking the lift!"

SK is on the right.

Image via Karmen Wong

"I tried to get my adult grandchildren to climb up 8-storeys with me, but they kept complaining that they were going to die. So now I just do it alone."

- SK, 80, retired.

2. "You will age slowly if you always exercise your mind"

Image via Katrina Kazman

“You need to exercise your mind. Read, debate with family and friends, write down your thoughts. Exercising your body is good for you but you will age slowly if you always exercise your mind.”

- Abdul Aziz, 83, lawyer.

3. "Stay updated with current events so you don't get stuck in zaman dulu"

Zainon is standing at the top right.

Image via Mohd Zain

"I sometimes cook, I sometimes clean. I live with my daughter but every two weeks I go home to my own house. I read the newspapers every morning from front to back so that I am updated on all current affairs. It's good to know what is happening. Do you know, I have 12 cucu and 22 cicit."

- Zainon, 94, housewife. 

4. "Mingle with younger people and don't be idle"

Image via Tamara Jane

"The secret is to consistently exercise and eat healthy. Comfort yourself with God's promises. Mingle with younger people. Be not idle but work for your living. Be careful of what you listen to. In your walk before others, put innocence and prudence together."

- Paul, 61, businessman.

5. "Eat good fats and listen to Ariana Grande"

Image via Mokhtar

"Age is just a number, you're as young as you feel! I got married pretty late in life and I believe having my young kids around helped me to stay youthful. I may be 72, but I listen to Drake and Ariana Grande. :P

It also helps to minimise dependence on medication, as there will always be side effects. I was diabetic at one point, and my blood sugar was around the 15 mark. When I retired I got serious about my health and managed to reverse diabetes naturally by changing my diet and working out.

Also, I make sure to take enough fats. We've all been taught that fats are fattening and unhealthy, but that's not necessarily true. You need good fats like coconut oil, avocados, and grass-fed butter to be healthy! You do need to avoid processed fats like margerine and shortening, however, as these are highly inflammatory."

- Mohktar, 72, health consultant.

6. "Be independent, socialise A LOT, and play games on your phone"

Image via Ashley Hon

"I have A LOT of friends. I stay alone, which is great because I get to do whatever I want. Every morning I go have breakfast with a different group of friends. I help out at soup kitchens and other charities, so I think socialising and moving around keeps me young. 

ALSO, I play a lot of games on my phone. I used to borrow my neighbour's WiFi, but now they just give me the password. I think some of the games require brain, others no need. But it all helps my brain stay active.

And I spend A LOT of time with my beautiful granddaughter, she keeps me young."

- Jenny, 77, full-time grandma/part-time volunteer.

7. "You must stay active both physically and mentally!"

Image via YT Chung

"What's my secret to staying healthy? Do reading, catch up with friends, and participate in NGO/charity works. Travel to appreciate other cultures and places of interest."

- YT, 61, retired banker.

8. "Stay young, dress young, think young, and forget you are old"

Image via Farah Lau

"Don't think so much. Just stay happy, remain positive, and always be ready to laugh. I join a lot of classes that look interesting. Then I meet a lot of interesting people at those classes. And somehow, we become friends and do more interesting things together. I think that helps keep you happy and healthy!

And I walk, walk, walk, a lot. A few times a week I just go to the shopping mall and walk up, down, and round and round for a few hours - just window shopping. Because it's free, got aircon, and things to see. Better than a treadmill in an expensive gym."

- Farah, 65, student.

So what's the secret to a long, healthy life? Seems like it's all about staying active, maintaining friendships, and having fun!

But a healthy lifestyle can be hard to achieve if you're not in the right environment

Eco Sanctuary is a gated and guarded eco-themed township, located next to Kota Kemuning. This haven offers a rejuvenating environment that is both modern and brings you close to nature.

Only a short drive from Kuala Lumpur, it's the perfect place to escape!

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The luxury township development spans across 308 acres of undulating land in the Klang Valley and is inspired by nature and the environment.

There are extensive lifestyle amenities to keep your body and mind active, while the conservation practices and green architecture provide a green living experience

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You can rest and relax at Eco Sanctuary’s residents-only Club House.

Go cycling, jogging, or take a leisurely walk along pedestrian paths within the lush, green landscape.

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Enjoy the quaint back-lane gardens that will take your breath away. And take in the peace and quiet in any of the unique gazebos that soothe both the mind and soul.

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