All These Homemade Chicken Cookies For CNY Are Just TOO Cute To Eat

They sure look yummy, though!

Cover image via Nelly Cash/Out Of Office With Spatula Or Luggage

The Year of the Rooster is almost upon us and we bet everyone is excited!

One of the major highlights of this festive season is definitely food.

The yearly tradition of visiting a relative or friend's house will usually include endless snacking, from addictive peanut cookies to pineapples tarts and bak kwa.

We doubt that it will be any different this year.

We stumbled upon these awesome rooster or chicken-themed cookies and biscuits by bakers from Malaysia, Singapore and other parts of the world for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations

Image via I BAKE

As you can see, they come in all shapes and sizes

Image via Wendy Lee
Image via Elsie Fun

Some with a colourful twist

Image via Daphine Chow
Image via Yagami Lai
Image via WL Chan

Let's take a moment to appreciate this flawless work of cookie art

Besides cookies and biscuits, these creative home bakers also came up with 'baby rooster cupcakes' and 'chicken maracons'

It's time to stock up on these delicacies because we bet they taste as good as they look

Image via Lidia Law

Honestly, CNY needs to come sooner so that we can start feasting :D

Image via Sharon Kho

Which is your favourite CNY snack?

Also, do you know how much calories you're consuming with every slice of bak kwa you eat?

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