Malaysian Woman Showcases Baba Nyonya Culture Through Soothing Home Cooking TikTok Videos

The videos are so calming!

Cover image via @sqzy_my01 (TikTok)

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Netizens are swooning over this kebaya-donned TikTok user's home cooking videos

The woman, who goes by Little Nyonya, makes two to four minutes aesthetically-pleasing home cooking videos that have netizens hooked.

Based in Alor Setar, Kedah, she dedicates her TikTok around her daily life as a Baba Nyonya. Videos show her plucking pandan leaves, and buying ingredients for cultural dishes from the local farmer's market.

Her videos are done in an ASMR-style where we can hear her bargain with the sellers at the farmer's market, and the sizzling sound of her cooking, making it a wonderfully calming experience for viewers.

Little Nyonya's family members are occasionally seen in the videos to help out and enjoy the food along with her and the viewers.

It takes absolute patience and skills to cook with such delicacy

In one video, Little Nyonya took the viewers along while she cooked Pulut Tai Tai, a favourite Baba Nyonya dish served as a dessert.

She showed the process of making the dessert, from soaking Butterfly Pea Flowers to showing the shaping process by using a mortar pinned down on the banana leaf-wrapped, glutinous rice placed in a wooden box.

Almost all the tools used in her cooking videos are traditional kitchen equipment, and she even used a claypot fire pit

Since her early videos in 2021, her Pulut Tai Tai video has garnered over 700,000 views with 58,600 likes, while her page reached over 67,000 followers.

Look at some of the comments under Little Nyonya's videos:

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