8 Places In The Klang Valley That Deliver Nyonya Kuih To Your Doorstep

Satisfy your Nyonya kuih cravings.

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1. Baba Beng

Baba Beng's variety set of Nyonya kuih will brighten any kuih lover's day. The variety set costs RM45, and consists of 33 pieces of kuih. You'll get your all-time favourites such as kuih talam, kuih kochi, pulut panggang, pulut tekan, and more. 

To order, send a WhatsApp message at +6012-2887449.

2. Madam Yong Delight

Madam Yong Delight has been serving us some delicious Nyonya kuih since 1985. Some of her popular kuihs include: kuih talam, kuih lapis, pulut tatai, red bean sesame ball, seri muka, and more.

To order, send a WhatsApp message at +6012-2381396. (Note: You need to pre-book your order at least two days in advance.)

3. Nyonya Kuehstry

Nyonya Kuehstry serves highly-addictive Nyonya kuih like kuih koci pulut merah, yam cake, bingka ubi, kuih ketayap, kuih pattaya lapis, and rose sago. Their kuih sets range from RM18 to RM58.

To order, send a WhatsApp message at +6012-6665314.

4. Si Manees

Full-time teacher and part-time baker Aiin makes some droolworthy Nyonya kuihs like kuih talam, nona manis, and kuih lapis.

To order, send a WhatsApp message at +6019-2371311.

5. Kueh Cafe

Kueh Cafe serves lots of vibrant and colourful Nyonya kuih like kuih koci, sago sum sum, seri muka pandan, and more. You can get a 'Kueh Platter' that has 10 types of kuih for RM55.

Place your orders here.

6. Kueh KL

You're spoilt for choice with Kueh KL's variety of Nyonya kuih. They have kuih lapis, seri muka pandan, seri muka durian, bingka pandan, and many more.

To order, send a WhatsApp message at +6019-3959997.

7. Dalca Penang Catering Service

Dalca Penang Catering Service is a halal caterer based in OUG. They have Nyonya kuih platters starting from RM3, to RM40 for a huge platter that could feed your whole family.

To order, send a WhatsApp message at +6016-2161632.

8. Cafe Waiting Love

Cafe Waiting Love has unique combos that include Nyonya kuih, chicken curry and Americano coffee. Their combos range from RM19 to RM78.

To order, send a WhatsApp message at +6012-6981869.

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