From LDRs To Bedroom Troubles, Malaysians Share Their Sexual Frustrations During MCO

Not seeing your S/O is hard. Other stuff gets hard too.

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The Movement Control Order (MCO) has definitely affected many things, including our sex lives. No more bow chika wow wowww so sed :(

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From not being able to see our S/O to not being in the mood to get it on after a long day of working from home, many Malaysians have been incredibly sexually frustrated throughout the MCO.

But with restrictions starting to lift, there's hope gais! All those frustrations may soon find a release, hehe ;)

In partnership with Durex, we asked Malaysians to vent out their MCO sexual frustrations. Here's what they said:

Note: Nicknames have been used to respect the privacy of individuals.

1. "Being single is already hard enough and this MCO made things worse"

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"I started talking to someone I met, and IT'S SO FRUSTRATING THAT WE COULDN'T SEE EACH OTHER. We had a couple of video calls, but it's not the same. Things didn't blossom between us which sucks. So dry la urgh. F*** MCO!"

- Jelly

2. "I'm so desperate to the point that I'm actually considering hookups in full PPE"

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"Yep, I Googled it. CONTACTLESS SEX LOL!"

- Kao

3. "I'm in a long distance relationship with my husband and not being able to see each other really affects us both emotionally and sexually"

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"Coz honestly, four months is way too long for us!"

- Madu

4. "Haven't been able to see my FWB because my condo doesn't allow visitors :("

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"And he stays with his family so we don't have anywhere to go, UGH!"

- Beth

5. "Only being able to see the person you love via video call SUCKS"

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"When it was finally Day 1 of CMCO and I knew I could travel between districts, first thing I did was go to 7-Eleven and grab myself a pack of condoms. Safe to say... ;)"

- Moonboy

6. "I find that being stuck at home with my partner has actually lessened my sex drive"

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"Maybe because it's harder to create a romantic vibe since we see each other 24/7, it comes to a point that all we want to do is just spend the night watching movies. Can't wait till MCO is over so we can book romantic getaways to get into the mood again!"

- Theresa

7. "My wife and I have been working from home and looking after the kids. We're tired all the time."

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"It's non-stop every day. We're busy with work and kids and housework and stressing about money and school. The end of the day is when I want to 'release'.

But my wife is the opposite, she has no mood to have sex after such a tiring day. I don't blame her but it's frustrating for me."

- J

8. "My boyfriend and I live in the same state, but we would basically have to pass through a couple of tolls to see each other"

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"We thought about visiting each other, but we didn't dare to and we didn't want to risk travelling all the way (I love him, but no D is worth RM1,000 or jail time).

We toughed it out during MCO, so when we finally got to see each other, it was a little too fast for my liking, but satisfying nonetheless!"

- Chim

We totally feel you gais :(

The MCO has changed a lot of things in our lives, and the way we experience sex and desire is no exception.

But don't worry! Durex has got your back with their simple tips on how to cope with those frustrations and kick your sex drive back into gear ;)

1. Being single doesn't mean you can't still have an awesome date night. In fact, it'll be even better cause you're the one in control. From your usual getting ready routine, to cooking a fancy meal and watching your favourite movie, it's all about you. End the perfect evening with some ‘me time’.

2. Having a first date over video call? Make it less awkward by doing something fun together instead of just talking. Play a virtual game, take an online quiz, watch a movie, or even do a challenge. For example, try cooking the same meal together and see who's the better chef. You can also win yourself some brownie points by getting a surprise delivered to your date.

3. When you're home with your partner 24/7, constantly surrounded by all the same things, it can be hard to get into the mood. Keep the romance alive by transforming your home into cute date spots. Turn your balcony into a gorgeous picnic setting or set up DIY tents or pillow forts to transport yourselves to another world.

4. If the MCO has kept you separated from your partner, look forward to future sexytimes and build up the anticipation of finally being physical again. Keep spirits high and turn fantasy into reality by making a to-do list of things to explore together after MCO.

As MCO restrictions start to loosen, everyone needs a way to release, ayyyyy ;) This is why protection, safety, and sex education are now more important than ever.

When it comes to sex, things that used to be considered normal include women being shamed for being open about their sexual desires, men making excuses for not wearing a condom, and more. Enough already!

We've been embracing the new normal in our everyday lives, and it's time to do the same in our sex lives. Let's not go back to normal, and instead start creating a new normal for sex too. The old norms have got to go.

Image via Durex

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