Go On Holiday In Maldives For Less Than RM2,000 With These Insider Tips & Itineraries

You can still spend the day at private beaches and resorts on a budget!

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Maldives is world-renowned for both its natural beauty and luxury resorts

Made up of 1,200 islands, the country is famous for its pristine white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. In the past, holidaying in Maldives was reserved for the rich and famous as each luxury resort is built on its own island, and one night in an overwater bungalow can set you back thousands of dollars. 

But while a getaway to Maldives used to be seen as an impossible dream, that has since changed. 

Here's how these Malaysians vacationed in Maldives on a budget:

1. Romi Zunaidi had the solo trip of a lifetime with his 5-day 4-night vacation that cost under RM1,700

Image via Romi Zunaidi

Romi Zunaidi says he spent exactly RM363.10 on his AirAsia return flight ticket to Maldives in a detailed itinerary he posted on Facebook. For accommodation, Romi opted to stay at a guesthouse called Alaka on the island of Maafushi, which cost around RM155 a night.

During his stay, Romi covered four public islands (Hulhulale, Maafushi, Male, and Hulhumale) and one private island (Adaaran Prestige Vadoo).

While the public islands offer much cheaper rates for activities, Romi recommends taking a private island package to really appreciate the beauty of Maldives

He splurged on a private island excursion to Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, which cost roughly RM440. But he says it was totally worth the experience. The package included a buffet lunch at the luxury resort, unlimited drinks, as well as access to the resort swimming pool and private beach.

Meanwhile, he also went snorkelling in Maafushi and swam alongside sea turtles, dolphins, and tropical fish. His snorkelling adventure lasted from 9am until 2pm, and cost around RM100 with lunch included.

The rest of his stay included travelling to other islands by speedboat or public ferry, then exploring on foot, riding a bicycle, and taking the bus.

Here's how Romi's itinerary and spending look like:

Day 1 - Arrival (PM), spends the night at the airport
Day 2 - Exploring Male city
Day 3 - Full day private island excursion to Adaaran Prestige Vadoo
Day 4 - Half day snorkelling
Day 5 - Exploring Hulhumale, departure (PM)

And here's how much he spent in total:

  • AirAsia return flight tickets: RM363.10 (plus RM20 for an in-flight meal)
  • Sim card: RM67
  • Transport (public ferry, speedboat, bus): RM66
  • 3 nights at Alaka: RM465
  • Half day snorkelling: RM105
  • Private island excursion: RM440
  • Food: RM135 (breakfast included in accommodation, lunch included in day trip packages)

That brings Romi's total spending to around RM1,660 for a 5-day 4-night holiday in Maldives!

2. Farhan Wahab enjoyed a 4-day 3-night holiday with friends for under RM1,800

Farhan's itinerary, which has been shared over 3,400 times on Facebook, outlines his backpacker trip to Maldives down to the hour! Similar to Romi, Farhan and his friends also enjoyed a half day snorkelling trip. For just US$20 (around RM84), they visited Turtle Reef and Nemo Reef, went on a Dolphin Cruise, and had lunch. Farhan's tip is to not be afraid to negotiate prices ;)

He also went on a full day private island excursion to Adaraan Prestige Vadoo. Just like Romi, this included unlimited drinks, buffet lunch, evening tea, and shark feeding, as well as access to the private beach and resort.

To get the full Maldivian experience on a budget, Farhan recommends staying at Maafushi as the island has loads of affordable choices of food, hotels, shops, and island hopping and snorkelling packages

Farhan's insider tips include shopping at the souvenir shop along the hotel lorong at Whiteshell as it's the cheapest. Meanwhile the most affordable buffet dinner he could find was just US$10 (RM42). Farhan recommends eating at Sunrise Beach & Spa, where he says the food was delicious and included fresh fruit juices, plus the service was excellent.

Finally, Farhan adds that the people of Maldives are friendly and kind. They never force or pressure you to buy their souvenirs, travel packages, or food. He found that he could inquire about prices and they were always happy to help without getting angry if he later declined their offer.

Here's how Farhan's itinerary and spending look like:

Day 1 - Arrival (AM), explores Male city before taking a ferry to Maafushi
Day 2 - Half day snorkelling
Day 3 - Full day private island excursion to Adaaran Prestige Vadoo
Day 4 - Exploring Bikini Beach, kayaking, shopping, departure (PM)

And here's how much he spent in total:

  • AirAsia return flight tickets: RM400 (plus RM27 for insurance)
  • Sim card: RM92
  • Transport (public ferry, speedboat, mini lorry): RM103
  • 3 nights at WhiteShell Island & Spa: RM425
  • Half day snorkelling: RM84
  • Private island excursion: RM440
  • Kayak rental: RM40
  • Food: RM146 (breakfast included in accommodation, lunch included in day trip packages)

That brings Farhan's total spending to around RM1,790 for a 4-day 3-night holiday in Maldives!

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