"I Asked The Intern Out" — These Malaysians Share Their Craziest Office Love Stories

"When she asked if we could talk after work, I panicked and asked her out in front of the whole office."

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Have you ever looked at your co-worker and thought about dating them?

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One of the more popular ways to find your significant other is — you guessed it — through work. Seeing as you spend most of your time at the office, it's only natural that you might catch feelings, be it for your deskmate, the new intern, or perhaps even your boss!

If you're a sucker for office-relationship-type stories, you're definitely gonna enjoy Crazy Love, a brand new K-Drama series that was recently released on Disney+ Hotstar.

It brings on the enemies to lovers trope while delivering plenty of thrills to keep you on the edge of your seat. Watching it will definitely get you super kepoh about all the real-life crazy love stories out there in Malaysia :P The series is about two episodes in, so be sure to read 'till the end for a recap of Crazy Love.

But first, we asked Malaysians to share their craziest office love stories with us, and here's what they had to say:

Note: Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

1. "We were each other's rebound partner, even though she hated my guts at first"

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"Her first impression of me was that I was full of myself and too fussy. In fact, she even told her colleagues that I was the last guy she would ever fall for, much less date. That didn't stop me from asking her, "Your place or mine tonight?", one night on the office balcony. Eventually, we moved in together and kept our relationship on the down low. However, everyone found out about us after we attended the office's new year party together.

"After the party, we resigned from our jobs a few weeks apart from each other. We went on to work in different agencies, made new circles of friends, and saved up for a new place and for our travels. Four years later, we got married, and we've been together for 11 years. Moral of the story? Never be so certain about whom you wouldn't date, haha."

- Vinnie, 36

2. "My blabbermouth of a deskmate told someone who my office crush was. So embarassing istg."

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"I confided in Jenny about Daniel, who worked in a different team. But then, she told HER friend about it, and it wasn't long before everyone knew. Some would throw me knowing looks when I had to approach Daniel about work-related stuff, there was even one who asked if me and Daniel were together yet or not, haihhh.

"During our company retreat, I was chilling by myself when Daniel joined me. We started talking and... he asked me if I liked him! I 'fessed up and said yes, all while feeling mortified on the inside. And then, he said that he liked me too! I just nodded and clammed up, like an idiot. But he just laughed and said 'we'll talk about it tomorrow'. And we did, and now we're dating lol. Never thought I would have Jenny to thank for these series of events."

- Kiara, 33

3. "As cliché as it sounds, I was involved in a love triangle where both me and my co-worker fell for the same girl"

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"Aman and I are really good friends; he was the one who guided me a lot when I first started work at my then office. I noticed he paid a lot of attention to our other colleague, Vanessa, but didn’t think too much into it, because I was in a relationship with someone else.

"But my relationship didn't work out, and without me realising it, I started getting closer to Vanessa and I noticed she was flirting back with me. It did make me feel a bit weird because I knew Aman had feelings for her too, and this whole situation might make things awkward at work for all of us. But when Vanessa and I announced we wanted to start dating, he was very supportive, which helped in making our friendship last until today."

- Pravin, 41

4. "On the first day of our internship, we locked eyes and for some reason I thought, 'What if I got married to this fella?' hahaha"

"I knew Hafeez had a crush on me because of what happened at the office lounge. He was playing table tennis with his friends while I was sitting and watching them play. All of a sudden, this other male colleague sat next to me, and without warning, he just sorta leaned on me and I was like bruh? I glanced over at the tennis table and noticed Hafeez was staring at us :O I could feel the jealousy across the room.

"It was around this point that I started to develop feelings for him. I was soooo nervous to tell him, I was texting my bestie, who encouraged me to go for it. I finally plucked the courage to confess, and he accepted my feelings, saying we should start out as friends. I'm glad I told him, because later on, he said if I didn't say anything, his shy self would not have confessed! We just got married last year."

- Nachan, 29

5. "When she asked if we could talk after work, I panicked and asked her out in front of the whole office"

"I first met Kat when she opened the door for me when I arrived for my job interview in 2018. Great smile, nice personality, passed the vibe check. I knew I liked her then. She was an intern writer and I (after getting the job) came in as a full-time food specialist. We were working in the same department but on different teams. Nothing sparked for us in the first three months, because frankly, she thought I was a meanie. I kinda am a little.

"As time went by, we got to know each other more. We eventually started to do our work together every day from a couch at a corner of the office. It was our couch. Strictly halal and professional okay. One day, as we were sitting on the couch, she asked me 'can we talk after work?'. Knowing where the conversation was going, I asked her out on a date in front of the office, and the rest is history."

- Ihsan, 27

6. "He was already a qualified doctor while I was a final year nursing student in Universiti Malaya (UM). However, we only got to know each other when we were in General Hospital Kuala Lumpur (GHKL)."

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"The first time we met was in UM. l remember l was doing my practical in the operation theatre (OT), assisting the senior nurse in the surgery. He came in to do the surgery with his specialist. Out of the blue, he said l had nice eyes. l didn't even know what he looked like 'cause in OT we were wearing the OT suit and mask.

"I didn't think much of it, until I graduated and started working in GHKL, coincidentally where he was transferred to for his housemanship. We met in the hospital's canteen, and he introduced himself to me. That's when we began chatting and getting to know each other. Shortly after that, he brought me to his parents' home to introduce me to his family. When he was required to join the Army and transferred to RASCOM in Sibu, Sarawak, that was when he decided he wanted to get married with me."

- Sheila, 64

Awwww, how cute are these stories? <3 These tales just go to show that love can be found in the craziest of circumstances, and it will prevail no matter the challenges faced.

Can't get enough of office romance? You can tune in to Disney+ Hotstar to catch all the latest episodes of Crazy Love for even more shenanigans and to experience all the feels!

Crazy Love stars Korean actor and model Kim Jae-wook, and singer and actress Krystal Jung

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The story revolves around the CEO of GOTOP Education, Noh Gohjin (played by Kim Jae-wook), who is a math genius with an IQ of 190, and his secretary Sina (played by Krystal Jung), who pretends to be his fiancee, as she has her own agenda.

With such a gripping plot, it's clear that this drama series is going to be filled with plenty of thrills and exciting moments, all while exploring the office romance between Gohjin and Sina.

Here's a quick recap of the first two episodes so you'll be caught up when the rest of the episodes are released:

Episode 1: As the head of a private education centre, Gohjin is revered for his intellect and genius. However, he treats Sina terribly for the smallest matters, and is overall a terrible boss. Soon after, it is revealed that he often receives death threats for his callous behaviour but doesn't take them seriously. Sina finds out that she is diagnosed with a threatening disease.

Episode 2: After Sina finds out about her brain tumour, she heads to Gohjin's house in a rage, breaking into his home with a hammer. However, it's just a scare tactic as she throws her resignation letter in Gohjin's face, and leaves. When he tries to chase after her, he is hit by a car and badly injured. At the hospital, the doctors inform Sina that Gohjin has amnesia. She then pretends to be Gohjin's fiancee, in order to get out of going to jail.

It looks like we'll have to wait for the next episode to find out what happens to this pair. :P

Ready to start binging Crazy Love? We know you are, so head on over to Disney+ Hotstar to start watching this drama series now!

Check out the teaser trailer here:

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