Young Malaysians Tell Us About Their Favourite CNY Outfit Of All Time

Some cheongsams, some red t-shirts, and some fans.

Cover image via Yong Sheng

1. "I have this black and pink cheongsam, pink silk on the inside with black lace layered over"

Image via Kevin Chen

"I love it ‘cause it’s super daring with a low back and it makes my waist look tiny hehe. I bought it back in 2010 but it’s still one of my go-to baju for CNY; who cares about repeating outfits if you look good? ;)"

- Esther, 26

2. "I’m super not into fashion, so I usually go for something casual and comfortable that can be worn in everyday life too"

Image via Jenna Chua

"My favourite would probably be the black skirt and red top combo I wore on the year that I actually bothered to take a CNY #ootd haha!"

- Jenna, 25

3. "My family went on a vacation to Taiwan when I was 12 and I bought this super cool sweater there"

Image via Damien Chung

"I insisted on wearing it for CNY that year even though my big sister kept making fun of me for wearing a sweater when it’s so hot. But joke’s on her ‘cause everyone else loved my look, all the aunties and uncles said I looked like Jay Chou leh!"

- Damien, 21

4. "As a little girl, my mum would always buy me a new cheongsam every Chinese New Year"

Image via Laila Zain

"After having two sons of my own, I really really REALLY wanted a baby girl to carry on the tradition. I was so excited last year to finally be able to dress up my little Aisha in her first ever cheongsam, she looked exactly like I did at her age! Can't wait to dress her up this year too and the next and the next and the nextttt..."

- Laila, 31

5. "You gotta be strategic and efficient with your CNY outfits"

Image via Darian Goh

"I always wear shorts 'cause it's so hot during CNY but I pair it with a rolled up long sleeved shirt so that it doesn't look too casual or else all the relatives will confirm judge. And I always wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off to make my life easier when going around to all the open houses."

- Darian, 27

6. "I've worn the same red shirt every year since I was 17 hahaha!"

Image via Yong Sheng

- Yong Sheng, 24

7. "I tend to mostly dress in dark tones and don't usually wear bright colours, even during CNY"

Image via Karmen Wong

"This was one of my favourite CNY dresses because that was the year I started wearing red or shades of red on the first day."

- Karmen, 26

8. "I really like this one because it's like a cheongsam with a twist"

Image via May Lim

"Still totally looks like a cheongsam but with a non-typical cheongsam pattern and it's made from cotton so it didn't feel too stuffy in the burning hot Penang weather. Plus, it was just the right cut to let me eat to my heart's content without showing my food baby hehe."

- May, 25

9. "The shirt may look totally ordinary but I'll never forget what happened the year that I wore it"

Image via Dylan Tan

"In my hometown, the air is very damp and moist which makes our doors warp out of shape and cannot close properly. I managed to slam my room door shut after showering and changed into this shirt but ended up getting trapped inside because the door wouldn't open again.

It took almost 3 hours for the locksmith to come and get me out ('cause CNY mah) so my family kept passing me bits of biscuits from under the door lololol. But on the plus side, I passed time by texting this girl I had a crush on and she's now been my girlfriend for 5 years."

- Dylan, 24

10. "I loveeee long dresses but it's so hard to find ones that suit me because I'm so short lol"

Image via Gowri Chitra

"I was super thrilled the year I managed to find one that didn't make me look like I'm drowning in it! The best part was that it was sleeveless and super flow-y so it kept me cool all day and I couldn't stop twirling around it it. The Chinese side of my family kept saying I very leng lui that year summore.

- Gowri, 25

11. "My family and I prefer to keep it simple and not go all out for CNY"

Image via Jess Lew

"Basic wear is simple, comfortable, and easy to mix and match. I have less headache trying to figure out what to wear and can still look pretty and feminine."

- Jess, 33

12. "I don't want to burn my brain to think about what to wear"

Image via Toh YiRhu

"It's enough of a headache to layan all the aunties and uncles during CNY, and answering tons of questions. Simple, clean, and handsome can liao."

- YiRhu, 25

Do you have a favourite CNY outfit? Tell us about it in the comments section below! :)

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