M'sian Shares That He Spent RM12K And 45 Days Travelling From Ipoh To Amsterdam By Train

During his trip, Aminfadhli Abd Rami travelled over 16,000km across 12 different countries.

Cover image via Aminfadhli Abd Rami (Facebook)

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In 2019, a man took to Facebook to share how he travelled from Ipoh to Amsterdam by land.

The post has recently resurfaced and garnered the attention of many social media users.

On 16 March 2019, way back when travelling overseas was a thing and we weren't confined to our homes due to the pandemic, Aminfadhli Abd Rami revealed that he travelled over 16,000km across 12 different countries in 45 days just to reach his destination.

The total cost of his trip? RM12,000. 

Aminfadhli travelled via the Trans-Siberian Railway and here's the breakdown of his trip

First, he boarded the Electronic Train Service (ETS) from Ipoh to Padang Besar, Perlis, which took three hours. From Padang Besar, he then travelled to Bangkok via State Railway of Thailand for 16 hours before continuing the journey on another train to Nong Kai for another 12 hours.

Once he reached the Thailand border, he took a tuk-tuk to Vientiane in Laos. In order to reach his next destination which is Vinh, Vietnam, he had to take a 19-hour sleeper bus. From Vinh to Hanoi, Aminfadhli had to spend six hours on a train.

From Hanoi to Beijing, he spent another 36 hours on a train before switching to a different train to Jining Nan which took nine hours. From Jining Nan to Erlian, the train took him six hours.

At the China border, he took a cab to Zamyn-Üüd, Mongolia. After that, he boarded a train to Ulaanbaatar which took another 16 hours. His stop at Mongolia ended once he made his way to Irkutsk, Russia, by taking a 24-hour train.

The longest train ride during his journey was between Irkutsk to Kazan which took 69 hours. From Kazan to Moscow, the train took another 16 hours.

After Russia, his next destination was Latvia. From Moscow, he took a 16-hour train to Riga and from there, he travelled by bus to Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

His journey then continued and he took an eight-hour bus straight to Berlin.

From Berlin, he reached his final destination, Amsterdam, by taking a 12-hour bus.

The man explained that RM12,000 covered the cost of his return trip.

On his way back to Malaysia, he took a flight instead.

The post received over 2,700 comments and 5,200 shares.

Most of them were from Facebook users who were tagging their friends, hoping to embark on the same adventure.

Read the full post here:

IPOH TO AMSTERDAM BY LAND via Trans-Siberian Railway 12 countries 16000 kilometres 45 days Total damage =...

Posted by Aminfadhli Abd Rami on Saturday, March 16, 2019

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