M'sians In This Small Kelantan Town 'Manually Pump' Petrol Into Their Cars At Mini Kiosks

Many netizens were surprised that the country still had quaint petrol stations, with some confirming that such a refuelling method still exists in their kampungs today.

Cover image via @oyajalil (TikTok)

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About a three-hour drive away from Kota Bharu, Kelantan is this unique small town, where motorists have to resort to 'manually pump' petrol at a kiosk to refuel their vehicles

People of Dabong, about 150km southwest of the state capital, refuel their vehicles at a hutted kiosk, where a staff member will spin a rotary oil pump from a drum to retrieve fuel before the petrol can go into their vehicles.

A video showing the quaint refuelling method went viral on TikTok yesterday, 7 September.

"The nearest petrol station is 60km away. So, the people in this quaint town of Dabong in Kelantan, Malaysia, get their fuel supplies from small kiosks like this," said user Nazura Jalil on her TikTok account under the handle @oyajalil.

The video has since received over 200,000 views and 18,000 likes, with many netizens fascinated by the dated refuelling method

A TikTok user commented that they did not know Malaysia had a petrol station like what Nazura showed, while another user said in jest that the petrol looked like beer, adding, "Cheers, mate."

A comment noted that the refuelling method was outdated technology, to which Nazura replied that the petrol kiosk makes financial sense as the location is merely a small town.

Image via TikTok

Meanwhile, a few netizens said seeing the petrol kiosk brought back childhood memories.

Some said that people in their kampungs have to 'manually' refuel their vehicles as well, with some adding that local residents may even resort to using bottles to refuel their vehicles at some kampungs.

Image via TikTok

Speaking to SAYS, Nazura said she travelled to Dabong on 29 August and 30 August with a tour guide

"From what we understand, Dabong is a really quaint town... it's a very small town. There are no banks, but there is an ATM [and] there are hardly any mini markets," she said.

"The place is known for many attractions, such as mountains, caves, waterfalls, rivers, and of course, good food."

She said many non-Kelantanese visitors take the train and that it is easier to travel in the area by hiring a local tour guide who will drive them around.

"Basically, there is no petrol station around. There are a lot of kampungs within the Dabong district itself and each kampung has at least one of these kiosks selling petrol," she explained.

"It's very normal for them to get petrol from such kiosks. In terms of the pricing, it's the same price because it's a controlled item. We didn't pay an extra sen."

Nazura said the process of refuelling their vehicle only took a couple of minutes, assuring that it was a very fast process.

Her tour guide confirmed with SAYS that one cylinder contains five litres of petrol, which costs RM2.05 per litre, the current price of RON95.

He said it is unknown what brand of petrol is delivered to the kampungs, but each area is limited to only 400 litres of petrol with each supply.

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