This Budget-Friendly Sleeper Train From KL To Kelantan Takes You On A Scenic 'Jungle' Ride

For the adventurous souls.

Cover image via @izzarosli_ (Twitter)

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Up for a road trip? Instead of hopping into a car, there's a sleeper train that takes you on a scenic route all the way to Kelantan!

Twitter user Izza Rosli recently went viral after sharing how she travelled from Kuala Lumpur to Kelantan on the KTM Intercity.

She booked the Intercity Train - Ekspress 26. 

First thing you need to do is to download the KTMB Mobile app and create an account to book your tickets, she explained. Depending on where you're coming from, the ticket price may be RM60 and under.

According to her Twitter thread, there are two starting points:
1. Gemas - Tumpat (+-11 hours)
2. JB Sentral - Tumpat (+-16 hours)

Tumpat is the last destination on the route, and travel times may vary.

If you're travelling from KL, you would need to first buy an ETS ticket from KL Sentral to Gemas because that particular train does not leave from KL, she added.

The sixth through eighth coaches have bunk beds, and there's a café that's open 24/7 on the fifth coach, so you'll never go hungry

She advises to buy the train tickets early, as they sell out pretty quickly every month, adding that she took the train to Kelantan and booked a flight back instead.

The lower bunks are listed on the app as green (even number), while the upper beds are yellow (odd number)

A screenshot example.

Image via @izzarosli_ (Twitter)

Izza shared that she personally prefers the lower bunk, as there's more space to move around and she doesn't have to climb the ladder to get to the top.

It's also recommended that you get the lower bunk because there's a window, so you can take in the scenery during the day, which is one of the main enjoyments of the journey.

According to another passenger, @dayanamukayadi, the train will pass through villages and forest areas, "If you're lucky, you can see Mount Stong and Jelawang waterfall near Dabong (in Kelantan)."

Other scenic views are of limestone hills, rivers, tunnels, and bridges, including one of the oldest rail bridges in Malaysia, The Guillemard Bridge.

@dayanamukayadi said that the food at the café is pretty tasty. Having a hot bowl of MAGGI soup for RM6 at 2am in the morning is perfection, they shared. There's also rice, bihun, and other dishes.

Izza reminds that though this is not some luxury train, you do get to enjoy Malaysia's scenery from a different perspective and that's what makes it fun

So if you're up for the adventure, this is definitely something you should try!

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