Malaysian Photographer's Dreamy Photos Of 'Lonely Trees' Goes Viral


Cover image via Rafiq Farhan

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There are peaceful, surreal moments all around us, especially if you're looking through Rafiq Farhan's eyes

The 25-year-old freelance photographer from Pahang recently shared a photo compilation of 'lonely trees' all over Malaysia and it's absolutely stunning.

Almost like scenes out of Pride & Prejudice – if you know what I mean.

Image via Rafiq Farhan

Having grown up in the rural side of Pahang, near the Titiwangsa Range, Rafiq shares that he was always surrounded by lots of waterfalls, inspiring him to specialise in commercial and outdoor lifestyle photography since 2016.

"I used to spend my time during my childhood there with my family and friends. Unconsciously from those childhood memories, I have developed an intimate relationship with mountains and waterfalls. For me, those two places are the only places that I never get tired of shooting," he shares in an interview with SAYS.

The idea to compile the images of these 'lonely trees' that he spotted around Pahang, Melaka, and Selangor came to him about a week ago. 

I thought that it is pretty cool to be a lonely tree. It may be lonely, but it's far from people, far from problems, just standing there, dancing when the wind passes by, and happy when the rain falls.

Whenever he visits somewhere new, Rafiq looks for elements in nature that stand out from others

He explains, "It could be a river that leads to the hills, it could be a mountain that is slightly taller than others or it could be a tree that stands alone in a vast open landscape."

Like many during this time, it's been a challenge as a full-time outdoor photographer since shoot locations are limited, but he's learned to improvise his work with clients. 

And although activities he enjoys like travelling, hiking, and camping are put on hold for now, he's grateful to be able to do what he loves as a job. 

Since his tweet blew up with over 13,000 retweets, many have been sharing personal captures of 'lonely trees' in the Twitter thread

Take a look at some of them below:

Wallpaper worthy. 

You can view all of the photos here:

A popular Japanese YouTuber made a cool video that many said should be the official Tourism Malaysia ad:

This local photographer also caught a different side of Malaysia on camera and the photos are captivating:

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