[PHOTOS] Photographer Shares Dreamy Photos Of 11-Day Road Trip Around Peninsular Malaysia

He said he wanted to "connect the dots" on his map around the country.

Cover image via Mok JC (Facebook)

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A Malaysian photographer recently went on an epic road trip around Peninsular Malaysia and took amazing photos while he did it

Sharing his experience on Facebook, Mok JC, who hails from Penang, wrote that he drove 2,500km in his trusty Perodua Myvi to "connect the dots" on his map around the country.

The trip took Mok and his friend 11 days and 10 nights to complete.

Starting from Penang, they drove through Perak to Kelantan and Terengganu before heading south to Pahang, Johor, and Melaka, then heading back up through Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.

Speaking to SAYS, Mok said it took him two weeks to prepare and research for the trip before they left

Mok, who works as a wedding photographer, said instead of exploring a foreign land, he thought it was a good idea to venture and appreciate the beauty of his own country.

"And since we have never tried such a long road trip before, we were excited to plan it out!" he said.

Driving for long hours on the road did not come without its difficulties, as Mok said he learned how to adapt quickly when his car engine overheated on the first day of the trip

"After consulting a foreman via phone call though, we were able to fix it and continue our trip peacefully," he said gratefully.

"From the car water coolant boiling and Waze not showing routes due to no data coverage to being the only person to hike up a mountain that I had never visited before in the early hours of the morning, all these ups and downs rounded up the trip perfectly."

Mok also told SAYS that his favourite part of the trip was simply enjoying the beautiful ocean views while driving along the east coast.

As of writing, his Facebook post has been shared over 25,000 times, garnering over 16,000 comments and inspiring many others to explore our beautiful country.

Check out all of Mok's photos here:

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