[PHOTOS] A Delivery Guy Captured These Surreal Shots Of Empty Streets During MCO

Don't you miss the outside?

Cover image via Raihan Talib/Facebook

It has been 63 days since the Movement Control Order (MCO) began and this essential worker's photos of the outside world have been leaving safe-at-home Malaysians with a sense of longing

In a Facebook post published last Sunday, 10 May, Raihan Talib, a delivery driver who works for Lalamove, shared the pictures he took of an abnormally empty Klang Valley while he was completing deliveries.

He wrote that the pictures were taken with his Samsung smartphone from inside his car.

He said he could not help but capture the beauty of the city without its usual crowds and bustling traffic

Speaking to SAYS, Raihan shared that he started working as a delivery driver soon after the MCO began to make ends meet

A full-time photographer by profession, he said that his work assignments have either been cancelled or postponed, so he joined Lalamove sometime in early April to earn extra money.

He explained to SAYS that the pictures were actually taken during the third phase of MCO.

"These photos were taken between 17 April to 1 May. During the first few days that I started delivering, I saw that KL was really empty and it looked like a ghost town, something I had never seen before," he said.

He added that he focused on shooting streets and areas that were famous for being busy, which explains why the photos of the deserted places look so fascinating.

The photos have since gone viral with over 1,600 likes and 3,100 shares, at the time of writing

Many netizens thanked him for documenting these rare and surreal views of Klang Valley.

"Historical photos! I have been away from KL during the MCO at my husband's hometown and I'm delighted to see these shots. Thank you very much for sharing," said a Facebook user.

"These shots are so rare and you're lucky to be able to move around during MCO and take these pictures. There's a blessing behind everything," said a user acknowledging the risk he's taking as an essential worker.

Meanwhile, this user said, "Awesome. One day this will become history. Don't forget to watermark your pictures. Our government might want to use these pictures in our history textbooks in the year 2030."

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