Delivery Guy Gets Special Request To Say "I Love You Hehe" To Customer And He Actually Did

MCO love.

Cover image via Twitter @Naz_Lucenzo

Dating life has changed quite a bit since the start of the Movement Control Order (MCO)

For many couples, it's almost like a long-distance relationship, where the only form of contact is through apps like Zoom or WhatsApp. 

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One Singaporean couple, however, recently found a way to keep their love alive during this period.

On 20 April, Twitter user @Naz_Lucenzo said that he received a unique request from a customer while he delivered food to her boyfriend

Aside from delivering the food, the woman had added in a note that read, "Please pack cutlery for Ivan and tell him that I love him hehe".

The 10-second clip then shows the next scene where the delivery rider hands Ivan his food while saying the three magical words.

He even cheekily added in "hehe" as the note had requested.

After handing him his food, the delivery guy asked him if he had anything to say and Ivan shyly chuckled and replied, "I love you too"

In his tweet, @Naz_Lucenzo added, "Okay la, gf happy, bf happy. Everyone's happy. You request, I do for you la."

His tweet has since gone viral, as netizens commented that they couldn't stop laughing at the whole scene.

Watch the awkward yet adorable exchange below:

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