Customer Puts "Send Me Handsome Guy" In His Order Remark And McDonald's Malaysia Delivered

Well, kind of. :p

Cover image via 傅長膨 Anima Facebook

Have you ever felt tempted to write something ridiculous in the 'Remark' section of a food order just to see if someone actually reads it? :p

Well, they do!

In a Facebook post from April that recently resurfaced and went viral, Malaysian YouTuber AnimaJinx had a delightful exchange with a McDelivery rider after he wrote "send me (a) handsome guy haha" in the 'Order Remark' section. 

AnimaJinx expected his cheeky request to be ignored. However, when the deliveryman arrived with his food, a cute and wholesome exchange ensued:

As the deliveryman handed over AnimaJinx's breakfast, he awkwardly remarked, "The handsome deliveryman only starts in the afternoon..." 


"The handsome deliveryman will only be on duty in the afternoon." 

Suddenly remembering his cheeky request, the YouTuber - now tickled pink - exclaimed, "Aiya, you are the handsome guy ya!" 

"He smiled awkwardly and helped me close the door, then rode away giggling to himself," AnimaJinx wrote. 

Amused by the experience, AnimaJinx decided to order breakfast again the next morning with a different remark. This time, he wrote, "making funny face with me and take selfie together".

Image via AnimaJinx

And they did!

Okay, AnimaJinx did. The deliveryperson layan only. :p

This is not the first time McDelivery has gone viral for fulfilling customers' cheeky requests. Back in 2018, a Twitter user had everyone in stitches after asking for "the most chilli sauce in Malaysia"

Have you ever added a cheeky or ridiculous remark in your food delivery orders? Let us know how it went in the comments section below!

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