Sick Customer Asked McDonald’s To Buy Panadol For Him And They Actually Delivered

Such a heartwarming story. <3

Cover image via Hype Malaysia / Twitter @amirulizarin

The 'Special Remark' section of a food delivery order can be a delightful place.

In the past, customers have made cheeky requests from food delivery riders, some of which were actually fulfilled from time to time.

Take, for example, when local YouTuber AnimaJinx asked for "a handsome guy"... and McDelivery delivered: 

Image via AnimaJinx

And that one time this guy asked McDonald's to give him "the most chilli sauce in Malaysia" and they sent an entire plastic bag full of chilli sauce packets:

While most of these amusing encounters are of the "layan je" variety, the latest delivery story to have gone viral shows a McDelivery rider who went above and beyond to fulfill a sick customer's request

In the "Special Instructions" section of his order (below), Twitter user @amirulizarin wrote, "Hello bro, if you don't mind please help me buy some Panadol. I'll pay you later. Thanks."

To his surprise, he was touched to find that the rider actually read his remark and had included a packet of Panadol along with his order

The heartwarming encounter was widely shared on Twitter, where it has already amassed close to 29k retweets and messages of praise from Malaysians:

It may be a simple gesture, but this story certainly gives us the fuzzies. We appreciate you, abang and kakak riders!

Image via Giphy

On that note, read about that one time a customer put in a cheeky request that McDonald's (somewhat) delivered:

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