Maybank2u Offers Attractive Gold Prices And Lets You Redeem Physical Minted Gold Bars

You can set up your Maybank Islamic Gold Account-i (MIGA-i) online in just minutes.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Maybank. Cover image used for illustration purposes only.

Maybank2u is making it easier for you to buy and sell gold online. That’s right, no need to go out and buy gold - just stay home and open a gold account in a matter of minutes!

With the Maybank Islamic Gold Account-i (MIGA-i), now anyone can own gold with zero hassle, yayy! :D

All you have to do is open a MIGA-i account, a Shariah-compliant physical gold backed account, which can be done online, free of charge! And for a limited time, Maybank Islamic is actually giving out RM100,000 worth of gold when you sign up – keep reading to find out more.

Next, Maybank Islamic will help you buy or sell gold while you're busy doing what you love the most – even when you're asleep. ;P For instance, you can set your preferred rate to buy at RM255.00, and Maybank Islamic will help you monitor the market and buy when the price of gold matches.

On top of that, MIGA-i offers one of the lowest price spreads in the market. The spread refers to the differences between the buying and selling price of gold. So, a lower spread means a smaller difference which helps you to profit more if the price of gold increases. For customers with over 100g of gold balance, you'll even receive a 10% profit notification alerting you on unrealised gains, signaling a good time to sell.

Instead of cash, you can also transfer gold to anyone with a MIGA-i account. If the receiving party decides to hold on to the gold, it might even increase in value after a few years.

You can rest assured that you'll be investing in pure gold, backed by 999.9 purity accredited by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)

At any time, you can even choose to convert your MIGA-i gold balance into 1g to 1,000g cast gold bars. These physical gold bars are perfect as wedding gifts, birthday gifts, and even ang pow or duit raya, because they have the potential to appreciate in value.

Besides that, you can place a physical gold bar delivery order from any Maybank/Maybank Islamic branch and have it delivered to your doorstep!

Here's what a sample of a physical minted gold bar looks like.

Image via Maybank

Here's how to get started with your MIGA-i account:

Step 1: Login to your Maybank2u
Step 2: Select 'Apply'
Step 3: Select 'Maybank Islamic Gold Account-i (MIGA-i)' to create your MIGA-i
Step 4: After your MIGA-i has been created, activate it with an initial investment as low as RM10

Once your account is activated, you can start buying and selling gold easily on your MIGA-i by visiting the 'Wealth' tab on Maybank2u.

Image via SAYS

If you have a Maybank/Maybank Islamic account, you can create a M2U access on the Maybank2u website. Just click on “Register Now” on the top right of the Maybank2u homepage. Customers who don’t have a Maybank/Maybank Islamic account will need to set an appointment on EzyQ to visit a branch nearby before continuing your journey online with Maybank2u.

For a limited time only, Maybank is offering RM100,000 worth of free gold to new MIGA-i account holders

Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image via Maybank

If it's your first time signing up for MIGA-i, make an initial investment of RM100 and use the referral code MIGAM2U to get 0.01g gold from Maybank Islamic for free.

Besides that, upon opening a MIGA-i account on Maybank2u, you'll receive a referral code you can share with your family and friends. Each time someone registers a new MIGA-i account and makes an initial investment of RM100, both of you will receive an additional 0.01g gold, yasss! :D

Read the terms and conditions here.

Here's why gold is considered a good alternative for investors:

Gold is often a safe choice for investors, especially during volatile times. For instance, during the first Movement Control Order (MCO) in March 2020, gold prices dipped slightly but managed to recover quickly and regain a steady upward trend.

Besides that, gold has a long track record, and its value has significantly appreciated over the years. Gold is also strong against inflation, and has the potential to grow in demand.

All in all, seasoned investors will tell you the importance of diversifying your portfolio and making your money work for you. While some people may feel safer keeping their money under their bed (with no interest), and others prefer fixed deposit (fixed but low interest rates), gold is a unique investment that's relatively safe and offers potential for high returns in the long-run.

Ultimately, investing in gold does not have to be complicated. If you want an easy way to own gold, look nowhere else but Maybank Islamic Gold Account-i!

Find out how to open a MIGA-i account online today!

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