Rejoice, Matcha Lovers! The Green Tea McFlurry Has Finally Arrived In Malaysia

You can have it with red beans too. :D

Cover image via Kitty Ng Facebook / Instagram @osharegirl

Way back in November 2016, Malaysian foodies were more than a little excited when McDonald's announced an Japanese-inspired range featuring matcha desserts... until we found out it's only available in Indonesia. :/

Sure, McDonald's Malaysia - or rather, McCafe - eventually introduced the Green Tea Latte and Green Tea Frappe, but it's not really the same thing, no?

But hold up, what's this new thing we just spotted on the McDonald's order board?!

Well, it looks like McDonald's has just introduced the Green Tea McFlurry! The new addition to the menu, which will only be available for a limited time, is essentially aromatic matcha powder mixed in with velvety vanilla ice cream.

You can also opt to have red beans added into the mix for some extra texture and sweetness!

Available at McDonald's nationwide, the Green Tea McFlurry is priced at RM5.99, with an additional RM1.00 if you'd like to have it with red beans

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You've had matcha with red beans. Now try it with some drinkable cheese on top:

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