We Tried The New McDonald's Spicy Korean Burger. It's Actually 'Pedas'!

Gotta love the criss-cut chips.

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Since McDonald's Singapore first unveiled the legendary Nasi Lemak Burger, fans in Malaysia haven't stopped wondering if we'd ever get a taste

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While that remains on the wishlist for now, McDonald's Malaysia has just released the new Spicy Korean Burger

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The burger is part of McDonald's Malaysia's 'Discover The World' campaign that introduces unique world-famous flavours to local diners. The campaign, which previously showcased creations inspired by Brazil and Hawaii, is highlighting Korean flavours this time around.

This is the first McDonald's Malaysia burger to use charcoal buns in place of the classic sesame-sprinkled buns. Sandwiched in between is a kimchi-seasoned beef patty smothered with spicy Korean sauce.

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We know what you're thinking:

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Answer: Yes. Yes, it is =')

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The spiciness of the sauce starts off very subtle from the first bite, but intensifies as you go through the burger, making way for a fiery finish. It may not be the tongue-burning kind that most of us are familiar with, but it is satisfying nonetheless.

As far as charcoal buns go, these ones are actually pretty decent. Served warm, they're soft to the touch and makes for an Insta-worthy McD meal.

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The beef patty is nice and juicy but given the burger's ode to Korean flavours, a stronger taste of kimchi would have been much appreciated

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Changing up the standard set, the Spicy Korean Burger comes with a side of crisp criss-cut chips and an ice-cold cup of Frozen Fanta

The chips are ADDICTIVE

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The limited edition burger is currently available nationwide until 23 August 2017

Will you be checking it out soon?