McDonald's Singapore Just Introduced Nasi Lemak Burger And It Looks Pretty Damn Delicious

Why Malaysia don't have?! :(

Cover image via McDonald's Singapore

OMG, we might just book a flight to Singapore for this!

In celebration of their National Day, McDonald's Singapore launched a special menu inspired by local favourites. The star of the pick - NASI LEMAK BURGER.

Sandwiched between a semolina bun is a juicy thigh patty infused with coconut flavour and coated with a crispy crust of cornflakes, topped off with fresh cucumber, a fried egg, caramelised onions, and of course, sambal sauce

Yeah, we were hoping it'd be a nasi bun too. :p

Even the box is so niceeee...! "Just for you, Singapore." And none for you, Malaysia. :'(

In addition to the nasi lemak burger, the new menu also features several new desserts and drinks, such as Cendol McFlurry, Pandan Coco Frappé, and Kueh Salat Cake

Over at the Dessert Kiosk is the Cendol McFlurry, made of vanilla soft serve with Gula Melaka and cendol jelly bits mixed in. Then, head over to the McCafé counter for a Kueh Salat Cake (pandan sponge cake with a glutinous rice layer in the middle) and Pandan Coco Frappé (ice blended concoction of coconut and pandan flavours with grass jelly bits) to wash it down.

The new menu will also feature Coconut Pie, Bandung McFizz, Cendol Melaka Cone, Cendol Melaka Twist (cendol and vanilla soft serve), and Cendol Melaka Chococone (cendol soft serve coated in chocolate), which we've had in Malaysia before at some point.

Clockwise, from top left: Cendol McFlurry, Coconut Pie, Kueh Salat Cake, Cendol Melaka Chococone, Cendol Melaka Twist, and Cendol Melaka Cone.

Image via McDonald's Singapore

The new menu will be made available to the public from 13 July onwards, so make sure you try out the Nasi Lemak Burger if you're in Singapore!

Man, we're really missing out on the cool stuff, like these super cute and fluffy Minion Potatoes that made its debut in Singapore last month:

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