You Can Now Order Fish And Chips At McDonald's In Malaysia

The classic British pairing was first introduced in Philippines earlier this year.

Cover image via Dabao Today Facebook

McDonald's Malaysia sure is putting out a lot of new stuff lately!

After introducing self-service kiosks and revamping the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe last month, the fast food chain is putting its own twist to Britain's national dish - fish and chips - in its latest offering.

Oddly enough, McDonald's calls it 'Fish & Fries'

The classic British pairing, a tender fish fillet with golden crisp coating served with McD's World Famous Fries, was already made available as a limited time offer in Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand since March this year.

McDonald's take on the classic British pairing looks pretty legit! Just look at the flaky fish flesh inside the crispy golden brown batter:

Fish & Fries also comes with a tub of tartar sauce for you to dip in.

Though McDonald's has yet to officially announce the new dish, the Fish & Fries has already been rolled out in selected outlets for RM13.95 (one-piece set) and RM19.95 (two-piece)

At the time of writing, we can confirm that the Fish & Fries is already available in McDonald's in Centrepoint Bandar Utama, McDonald's TTDI, and McDonald's Jusco Balakong. 

Drop us a comment below if you know of any other McDonald's outlets that's already serving the new offering!

Just last week, McDonald's introduced self-service kiosks in a few outlets across Klang Valley:

The fast food chain is also putting free burgers up for grabs... but only if you complete their #NoDrink challenge:

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