Meet The 10 Inclusive Beauty Ambassadors Changing Beauty Standards In Malaysia

"We're all clearly meant to be made differently, so why not embrace it instead of wanting to all look the same?"

Cover image via John / REV Media Group

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SAYS, Seismik, JUICE, and Mashable Southeast Asia unveiled the 10 Inclusive Beauty Ambassadors during a meet and greet in Bandar Utama yesterday, 15 June

Earlier in May, the media platforms teamed up to launch an Inclusive Beauty campaign, dedicated to championing diversity, inclusivity, and the redefinition of beauty standards. As part of the initiative, a nationwide search for inclusive ambassadors was announced.

From hundreds of applicants, five were selected to join the existing five REV influencers, to be the new faces of beauty. Embodying the core values of the movement, the inclusive beauty ambassadors will serve as catalysts for change within the industry.

Speaking at the event held at Maria's Steakcafe in 1Powerhouse, inclusive beauty ambassador Nandini Balakrishnan revealed, "This is a cause very close to my heart, as I'm sure it is for many of you here. Inclusive beauty can make us ALL feel seen, truly accepted, and included."

"Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that when we talk about inclusive beauty, that it's all about makeup and 'girl stuff'. That cannot be further from the truth," Nandini continued. "Beauty standards affect every layer of our lives, and things can get rough for people who don't fit them."

"We're all clearly meant to be made differently, so why not embrace it instead of wanting to all look the same? Visibility, not invisibility. Inclusion, not exclusion," she concluded.

Nandini, one of 10 inclusive beauty ambassadors, at the event yesterday, 15 June.

Image via John / REV Media Group

Meet the 10 Inclusive Beauty Ambassadors who are part of making the change:

I. Rocyie Wong, 30

From psoriasis patient to proud ambassador at world conferences, Rocyie Wong advocates for the early diagnosis of this visible skin condition and the removal of the stigma around it. 

After overcoming her own shame about the condition, she uses her social media platforms to promote body positivity and encourage informed decision-making among psoriasis patients.

2. Liyana Lee, 25

Half Malay, half Chinese, Liyana describes herself as a plus-sized girl who wants to live life feeling and looking confident. 

She grew up being bullied for her size and spent years trying to "fix" her body. As an inclusive beauty ambassador, Liyana hopes to represent girls like her, and show them that they don't need to change in order to be accepted or loved.

3. Daniel Yusof, 34

Working as a legal advisor, Daniel "runs to stay healthy and bakes delicious breads to stay sane." He loves to stay active and nourish his family, living his life to the fullest. 

Daniel struggled with insecurities regarding hair loss in his 20s, and was even singled out and teased about it at his previous workplace. Seeing a lack of representation and acceptance of young, balding men, Daniel hopes to show that, not only is it okay to be bald, you are 100% handsome and valid.

4. Shanti Mugunen, 35

Shanti is an autoimmune warrior. The postgraduate student has Type 1 Diabetes and Spondyloarthropathy, but that doesn't stop her from being out and about, rocking her mobility aid and insulin pump. 

Shanti is an advocate for the chronically ill and disabled. As an inclusive beauty ambassador, she hopes to encourage Malaysians with visible medical devices or mobility aids to believe that they are beautiful, no matter what.

5. Lavinia Abirami, 22

Lavinia describes herself as "a deaf 22-year-old with a knack for defying expectations and baking the most mouthwatering brownies." Growing up, she struggled with terrible acne and did not view herself as "beautiful". 

Additionally, people often commented on her darker skin tone. "One of the defining moments would be when a relative asked my mother in front of me, if she adopted me, since I was both deaf and dark," Lavinia recounts.

6. Danial Martinus, 29

A content creator at Mashable Southeast Asia, Danial is a third-culture adult on the autism spectrum with an innate love for language and tech.

7. Nandini Balakrishnan, 32

Nandini is an influencer and the SAYS Video Lead who is deeply passionate about cheese and working towards building a future where race, skin colour, and gender will no longer determine how society treats people.

8. Aina Mariah, 29

An influencer and video editor at Seismik TV, Aina is the face and brains behind popular online series #ainatricks, where she creates videos with a touch of magic using mind-bending visual effects.

9. Robert Lee, 47

Working in media sales, Robert is a go-getter who surrounds himself with good vibes and lots of outdoor workouts to stay sharp both mentally and physically.

10. Syuhada Rahim, 21

A vibrant creative, Syu is a JUICE Video Editor who loves music and fashion. She wears whatever she wants, unconcerned about the opinions of others.

These 10 inclusive beauty ambassadors will lend their voices and stories, encouraging Malaysians to embrace their unique features and redefine what it means to be beautiful, through workshops, activities, interviews, videos, and more

Follow their journey on SAYS, Seismik, JUICE, and Mashable Southeast Asia as they champion beauty for every body, regardless of age, skin tone or texture, gender, body type, or ability.

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