It’s Easy To Fall In Love With Miri If You’re An Explorer At Heart Looking For Adventure

It's too beautiful out there to stay in!

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1. Find the peace and solace you crave tucked away in the caves in Mulu National Park

Gunung Mulu National Park is one of Nature’s most spectacular achievements and the ‘Jewels in the Crown’ of Sarawak’s expanding network of national park. Many of Mulu’s greatest attractions lie deep below the surface. Hidden underneath the forested slopes of these mountains is one of the largest limestone cave system in the world.
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Mulu’s four show caves - Deer Cave, Lang’s Cave, Clearwater Cave, Wind Cave - were selected for their uniqueness or sheer beauty. They are accessible by plankwalks and well-lit concrete paths. Strategically positioned spotlights highlight the unique features of the individual caves.

2. Challenge yourself to new heights at the Pinnacles Trail leaving with you gratification and zero regrets

The Mulu National Park, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site is dominated by three mountains - Gunung Mulu, Gunung Api and Gunung Benarat. One of the park’s top draws are the Pinnacles – 45 metre-high, razor sharp limestone spikes that jut out from the slopes of Gunung Api.
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The climb is challenging, filled with fun and excitement. The trail is 2.4 km in length but rises some 1,200 metres. Vegetations vary following the changes of altitudes. The varieties of wild orchids and pitcher plants scarcely seen elsewhere can be spotted along the trek before reaching the Pinnacles.

The trek requires a reasonable level of fitness as parts of the trail are very steep. It is usually done as 3 day/2 night trip although it is possible to opt for a 2 day/1 night trip if you are in good physical condition.

3. Watch in awe as the beautiful Tusan Beach transform into a magical glittering land at night

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Located approximately 40 km from the city, Tusan Beach boasts a long white sandy beach with a gentle slope and is a secret paradise for those who love beautiful sunset scenery and of course, the dozens of fossils and seashells lying across the coastal line which shell collectors find hard to resist.

Night view of the Tusan Beach.

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You can now enjoy the incredible sight [named Blue Tears] at Tusan Beach, just a short drive of half an hour from Miri City. It is a stunning sight of glowing ocean waters with luminous special effects. Recently, it has become the latest hotspot among the locals here; after a photographer, Albert Song, captured the breath-taking scene and shared it on the social network.

Blue Tears in Tusan Beach.

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4. Dive below sea level at the Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park and get chummy with some friendly, local sea creatures

Miri is a popular dive destination due to an abundance of pristine patch reefs. The Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park, lying at depths ranging from 7 to 30 metres has an average visibility of 10 to 30 metres. There are also some interesting wreck dives.

One can land in Miri and be in water two hours later. Local dive operators offer certification programme as well. The best time to dive is from late March through November each year. The diversity and accessibility of corals and other marine life on the reefs is amongst the best in the region.

5. Cool off at a waterfall after a pleasant trek through the Lambir Hills National Park

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The main attraction of the park is its beautiful waterfalls, the nearest just a mere 0.18 km is Latak Waterfall. It is a 20 minutes walk from the Park office.

Other waterfalls in the park are ones on the Pantu trail such as the Pantu and Nibong waterfalls. There is even a 22-metre Tree Tower is situated on the Pantu Trail, about a kilometre from the Park Office. Visitors can climb and view the scenic Dipterocarp forest profile.
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There are around 1,173 tree species in the park alone, with 286 genera and 81 tree families making Lambir one of the more diversified forests in Malaysia. Wild animals can also be found in the deeper parts of the park, especially monkeys, sun bear, pangolin and bats.

6. Go for a relaxing stroll in the park with the family or unwind with your thoughts at Miri City Fan

Built in stages in the mid 1990s and completed by the late 1990s, Miri City Fan is a unique fan-shaped (when viewed from the air) urban civic public park, it is about 26 acres is carefully sited in the hub of sports, educational and cultural facilities of Miri.

It is a world-class urban civic park with the setting for sport, educational and cultural activities. It includes a promenade, parkland, an amphitheater, musical fountain, a library and cultural center and various ethnic gardens. The 10.4-hectare park was accorded the country's best landscaped city park.

7. Maybe pick up a new hobby along the way when birdwatching at Loagan Bunut National Park

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This National Park is located in the upper reaches of the Sungai Bunut where Sarawak's largest natural lake is found. The local Berawan fishermen call this lake 'Logan Bunut'.

Stork-billed Kingfisher.

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Loagan Bunut National Park, best visited on an overnight trip, is a good spot for the dedicated birdwatcher, boasting stork-billed kingfishers and hornbills among many other species. Many live around the park’s lake, Tasik Bunut.
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8. Feel closer and reconnect with Mother Nature at the Niah National Park for some extra positive vibes

The park’s main claim to fame is its role as one of the birthplaces of civilisation. The oldest modern human remains discovered in Southeast Asia were found at Niah, making the park one of the most important archaeological sites in the world.

Entrance to The Great Cave at Niah National Park.

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The two main caves in Niah National Park are The Great Cave of Niah and The Painted Cave, with many interesting rock formation and magnificent view inside the caves.
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Yet there is much more to Niah than archaeology. A vast cave swarming with bats and swiftlets; the thriving local economy based on birds-nests and guano; ancient cave paintings; a majestic rainforest criss-crossed with walking trails; abundant plant and animal life - all these and more make up the geological, historical and environmental kaleidoscope that is Niah.

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What else is there to do now except to dust those outdoors gear sitting in the closet ready for Miri!

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