6 Tips To Be More Productive While You're Working Or Studying From Home

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These days, many of us have been spending lots of time working or studying from home

It may be different than what we're used to and staying focused could be a tad more difficult when your bed is just right there. >.<

It might also be harder to achieve the same level of productivity as we would in the office. Being able to brainstorm with your colleagues and having all the devices and software are essential to help you work well.

That's why Digi wants to help boost your productivity by providing some really awesome plans that'll give you so much bang for your buck

From bringing you ultra-fast Internet for the low price of RM90 a month to getting a new smartphone from selected brands from RM8 a month, MORE@Home with Digi has a huge variety of offers for you to choose from.

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However, if you find yourself struggling while you WFH, here are some small tweaks you can make to your daily routine so that you can be more productive and seize the day:

1. Customise your workspace to something that fits your personality

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Revamp your study area, or add a little essence of YOU in your home office. It could be scented candles, a little succulent, or a nice new chair - you name it! Doing this could help motivate you to get your work done because sitting at your desk will make you feel happy and cosy :D

A clutter-free space is ideal as well because it will improve productivity, so a minimalist design is deffo the way to go!

2. Sometimes, you gotta slow things down a little and take a break

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Working at home all day errday can get a little overwhelming, so time yourself. Use an alarm to set mini-breaks every once in a while, and try incorporating 20-minute power naps for a boost of energy to help you power through the day.

A well-balanced person with good time management is less likely to experience burnout, which will ensure that your progress at work or school isn't affected.

3. Get your blood pumping by doing daily exercises

Try slotting in a little workout once a day. A sweat sesh has been proven to raise energy levels, battle fatigue, combat stress, and just make you feel good in your own skin. When you're happy and energised, you'll definitely start noticing an increase in your productivity levels :D

If you're a morning person, get your workout done outdoors and soak up that vitamin D! Natural sunlight and a breath of fresh air will be good for you.

Wanna stay indoors? With MORE@Home with Digi's DP58 mobile postpaid plan, you'll be able to get 50GB worth of data, so you can watch your online workout videos without any interruptions!

4. Train yourself to get out of bed when you wake up in the morning

You know what that means... NO MORE SNOOZE BUTTON. Once you're awake, make it a point to get out of bed and start your daily routine. It may be hard (we know dem feels) because your bed is just extra comfy in the mornings, but try placing your phone or alarm clock across the room.

That way, you're forced to get out of bed, but, resist the urge to get back in and snuggle under your blankets! Doing this can actually wire your brain to be more alert, and can help you feel more refreshed throughout the day.

5. Focus on one thing at a time to maximise your productivity

Don't focus on too many things at a time. Trying to multitask may cause you to feel overwhelmed and anxious, which worsen your productivity, and produce bad quality work.

Prepare a simple to-do list or schedule. Identify the list of things that you perceive to be urgent and important, and then prioritise them. Leave the less urgent tasks for later. This way, you'll feel more motivated to complete your work!

6. Lastly, make sure to reward yourself at the end of the day

Whether you had an easy day, or a rather stressful and difficult one, every day is a challenge in itself.

Therefore, when you're done for the day, make sure to give yourself a good reward for making it through. For instance, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, read a book, order takeout from your favourite restaurant, or basically anything that puts a smile on your face.

One thing we'd recommend to unwind after a looong day of work would be to catch up on your fave drama by subscribing to Viu on Easyadd! They've got a huge selection of music and movies for really affordable prices :D

Staying in all the time doesn’t mean we lose our productivity or that we have to stop socialising with our loved ones.

Digi believes in the importance of staying connected to complement every family's productive lifestyle.

That's why Digi has unveiled MORE@Home with Digi, where you and your family can enjoy ultra-fast Internet as well as new mobile plans that save you so much money!

Their new plans also include unlimited calls and mobile broadband for the whole family :D

Check out some of the deals under MORE@Home with Digi: 

Digi offers a range of postpaid plans for you and your entire family with smarter savings

For postpaid deals, get a new line and enjoy RM120 worth of savings with:

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That's not all! You can get much more with just a small add-on:

- Family line from 40GB
Enjoy the same quota as the principal line from only RM28 a month, and enjoy savings of RM120. Click here to find out more.

- 25GB Data SIM
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- New 4G smartphones
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On top of great postpaid deals, Digi offers a comprehensive range of Fibre Broadband services, which can be customised for every household

From as low as RM90 a month, you can maximise your productivity with ultra-fast and unlimited Digi Fibre Broadband! Find out more here. 

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Additionally, if you prefer wireless broadband instead, Digi offers amazing deals for their mobile broadband packages:

- Mobile Broadband:
If you sign up for the package which starts from as low as RM45 per month, you can get extra savings of RM240! Find out more here.

Now, everyone can get the latest devices, work and study solutions, as well as better connectivity! Connect better, work smarter, and create more memories with Digi :D

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