25 MR DIY Items You Never Knew You Needed

Like Daiso but sometimes cheaper.

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I think if there's one thing that draws Malaysians together, it's our love for budget stuff

Can I live without it? Probably. But is it only RM2? I'm sure I'll find a use for it. :p

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If you're thrifty or just love a good bargain, here's a list of MR DIY items you might like:

1. These BPA-free airtight containers are great for storing food. Plus, they're microwave safe without the lid on.

Price: Under RM6.50 each.

2. Plant lovers, you can find pots of all sizes. And I mean ALL. They have some pretty big ones, which are cheaper than most places.

Price: RM2 to RM35.

3. Sick of having to listen to the drilling from your neighbours' home renovations? Earplugs are the answer.

Price: RM2 for a pack of six pairs.

4. These storage boxes on wheels aren't brightly coloured (better for 'blending in') and are great for storing unused items or toys. They come in multiple sizes too.

Price: RM20 to RM30 each.

5. Much like Daiso, MR DIY now has a good range of affordable smaller storage containers for you to keep things tidy. And they come in muted colours too!

Price: RM2 to RM10 each.

6. Geometric and patterned metal wall shelves add personality to any room and can make fun gifts

Price: RM15 to RM35 each. 

7. Rubber shoes, also known as, 'adidas kampung' are said to be good for hiking, especially if you have to cross streams or get muddy

Price: RM6.11 per pair.

8. Neon lights in colourful shapes can add a quirky touch to your home or make cute gifts

Price: Under RM20 each.

9. This matte metal tray has four compartments and is easy to slip into a drawer or place on a table for easy-to-reach utensils

Price: 14.50 each.

10. Keep scratches off the floor with these furniture pads for chair and table legs. There are many sizes available!

Price: RM2 to RM2.50 each.

11. Need a night light whenever you sleep? Consider one of these unique versions.

Price: RM8 to RM14 each.

12. Entertain kids for hours with these affordable tents. You can play pretend that you're camping, having a picnic, or add fairy lights for a slumber party.

Image via MR DIY

Price: RM31.90 each.

13. Storing beauty blenders can be a hassle, especially if they're slightly damp after use. These holders are good for keeping beauty blenders clean and dry off of the table.

Price: RM6.90 each or RM2.59 (without the beauty blender).

14. This mop allows you to wring it out without getting your hands wet

Price: RM21.65 each.

15. There are water bottles available in all sizes and with all types of caps. Some look pretty aesthetic too, considering the price.

Glass bottles for only RM1.70 each.

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Price: RM6 to RM19 each.

16. Make colourful popsicles or large ice cubes for whiskey with these fun tools

Price: RM5 to RM8.90 each.

17. These practical storage boxes and drawers can help to organise accessories and makeup a lot easier

Price: Under RM34 each.

18. Pictures don't do justice to these aesthetic silver matte and wooden hangers. Perfect for revamping your wardrobe.

Price: RM6.90 to RM14 a set.

19. Get your craft game on with their assortment of stickers, pretty paper, and other craft items. They make good present wrapping ideas too.

Price: RM2.30 to RM7 each.

20. These cute and really soft plushies can accompany you while you sleep or be gifted as fun presents. They're sooooo soft!

Price: Under RM30 each.

21. Got a birthday coming up? Bridal shower? Christmas dinner? MR DIY has an aisle of budget-friendly party and festive decorations.

How cute are these teeny tiny wreaths!?

Image via Tamara Jayne/SAYS

Price: RM5 to RM10 each.

22. Not all of their clocks are great. But every now and then, you might spot an affordable yet tasteful one that stands out from the rest.

Price: Under RM30 each.

23. Set up a swimming pool on the porch or in the garden to entertain children for hours. They also have non-inflatable paddling pools.

Price: RM50 to RM70 each.

24. If you're always feeling hot, try one of these mini USB fans for your work desk

Image via MR DIY

Price: RM9 to RM12 each.

25. Clips for potato chips, spices, or any other packets are usually easier to use than rubber bands

Price: RM2 for a pack. These work, although I personally prefer IKEA's RM3.90 or ECO shop's RM2 clips.

You can also shop for more MR DIY items online.

Did we miss out on any items on this list? Let us know!

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