These Are The 8 Most Expensive Hermes Birkin Handbags In The World

You can buy a house (or two) with one of these! :O

Cover image via Malaysia Tatler

1. Brighton blue Porosus crocodile Birkin Bag: Auctioned off for USD113,525 (RM451,659) in 2011

Unlike the other Birkin bags in this list, this bag is not designed with diamonds and features a silvery-white palladium hardware instead. Not that it's stopping bidders from snatching it up at a record-setting price.

2. A metallic bronze chèvre leather Hermès Birkin bag: Auctioned off for USD117,000 (RM465,480) in December last year

Image via New York Times

Inspired by Hermès' celebrated window displays by Leïla Menchari, this Birkin - which features a gold hardware - only cost less than 10,000 euros (RM46,808) in 2005, the year it was produced. 

3. Dark blue crocodile Birkin: Auctioned off for GBP125,000 (RM671,070) in June last year

Image via

Said to be the most expensive handbag sold in Europe last year, the above handbag is embellished with white gold and 18-karat diamonds.

4. Fuchsia crocodile Birkin studded with diamonds: Auctioned off for HKD1.72 million (RM870,000) in 2016

Image via Christie's

Encrusted with 18-karat gold and diamonds, it is believed that former PM Najib Razak's wife Rosmah Mansor owns one of these coveted bags. 

5. Blood red Hermès braise shiny porosus crocodile Birkin bag: Auctioned off for USD298,000 (RM1.185 million) in April 2016

Image via Telegraph UK

Designed in Porosus crocodile skin, 18-karat white gold, and diamond-studded hardware, this is probably one of the nicest-looking Birkins in this list (at least, according to me, a person who cannot afford a Birkin).

6. Niloticus Crocodile Himalaya Birkin 30: Auctioned off for HKD2.98 million (RM1.51 million) last year, making it the world's most expensive handbag sold at an auction

Image via Reuters

Made of rare "almost albino" crocodile skin, the bag is designed with 242 diamonds on its 18-karat gold hardware and it considered one-of-a-kind. Only one or two Himalaya Birkins are made every year, contributing to its increasing value. 

Apparently, Rosmah also owns one of these

7. 2012 Birkin Sac Bijou: Retailed for USD1.9 million (RM7.56 million)

Image via Hermés

Created by Pierre Hardy, creative director of fine jewellery at Hermès, the Birkin Sac Bijou is made entirely of rose gold and studded with 2,712 diamonds, hence its hefty price tag.

The bag retailed at USD1.9 million, with only three models made... we can't even imagine what the resale value is like! 

8. Hermès Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka: Retailed for USD1.9 million (RM7.56 million)

Image via Hermes

Created by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka, this bling-y piece combines platinum, 2,000 diamonds, and a pear-shaped eight-karat stone that can also be removed and worn as a brooch.

Here's the kicker - the bag's diamond sling can also be worn as a bracelet or necklace! 

So, what's so special about Hermes Birkin bags that lead to such hefty price tags? Here's why:

Among other things, it is believed that several Birkin handbags were included in the stash of confiscated items after a raid on Najib's house and condos linked to the former PM:

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