Cops Spent Over 10 Hours Trying To Break Open A Safe In Najib's House

Lawyer Datuk Harpal Singh Grewal revealed that the police attempted to open the safe by drilling into it since 8.30am on Thursday, 17 May.

Cover image via Mohd Yusni Ariffin/NST Online

Police at former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's residence in Jalan Langgak Duta, Kuala Lumpur had been trying to open a safe in his house for hours

Datuk Harpal Singh Grewal

Image via Ahmad Zamzahuri/Malay Mail

According to Najib's lawyer Datuk Harpal Singh Grewal a police team began its efforts to break open the safe by drilling into it at 8.30am on Thursday, 17 May.

Harpal said that the old safe has never been unlocked for the past 20 years because the key is missing.

"At about 8.30am, some of the officers proceeded to a room located on the first floor and decided to drill open a safe which had remained locked for two decades as the key had been misplaced," he said in a statement.

Najib's lawyer said the drilling had continued for more than 10 hours, causing unwarranted nuisance to his client and his family

Police first arrived at Najib's house in Jalan Langgak Duta on Wednesday night, 16 May.

Image via Bernama via Straits Times

New Straits Times reported Harpal as saying that the drilling had continued until past 7pm, adding that there was "absolutely no peace and quiet" at Najib's residence.

He added that the continued presence of police officers at the residence and the drilling of the safe strongly suggests unwarranted harassment, which caused Najib, his family members, staff, and others in the residence mental distress and anguish, as well as casted a bad image on Najib, his client.

Locksmiths were apparently at the scene to help break open the safe

Image via Astro Awani

Reuters reported that two locksmiths, with one of them spotted wearing a jacket emblazoned with with the safe's manufacturer's name, Lion Steelworks Sdn Bhd, were tasked with breaking open safe in Najib's house.

Lion Steelwork's manager, Tan See Chong, reportedly told Reuters in a text message that it was "not difficult" to open the safe because the company manufactured it.

"It's a very old safe... this type will take longer time because of anti-drill features," Tan was quoted as saying.

The police have been conducting raids at Naijb-linked properties since Wednesday, 16 May. They have since seized dozens of items from these places:

Meanwhile, the police have confirmed yesterday that the ongoing searches are related to investigations into the 1MDB scandal:

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