27-Year-Old M'sian Influencer Shares How She Moved To New Zealand To Live A Slow Life

She left her nine-to-five office job to work peacefully at a small bakery in Auckland.

Cover image via @izzahibrahim__ (Twitter)

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Emigrating to another country to escape the hustle culture brewing in Kuala Lumpur is a dream for many people

One Malaysian, Nurul Izzah Ibrahim, made her dream a reality when she took the brave step to leave everything behind to start a slow life in Auckland in October 2022.

The Malaysian native recently went viral after sharing the details of her international move on Twitter.

"Let me preface this by saying that I left simply because I just want to chill and vibe," said the woman.

"I personally don't want to hustle too hard and I just want to live a slow life, which is impossible in Malaysia, especially in Kuala Lumpur."

Izzah provided her followers with a step-by-step guide on how she secured her plans to relocate abroad

The 27-year-old first explained the visa approval process, saying she applied for a Work Holiday Visa, which is only available to Malaysians aged 18 to 30.

"This visa is very limited, with only 1,150 people granted each year. It is also only open once every year, usually in the first quarter," wrote Izzah, adding that a Work Holiday Visa costs RM1,200.

Izzah shared that after successfully applying for a visa, it is necessary to open a bank account with any bank in the country to which you are relocating.

"For your account to be deemed fully functional, you have to make an appointment with any branch nearby your accommodation in New Zealand to verify your identity and get your bank statement printed out," she shared.

"The process of back and forth emailing documents to the bank to open the account took me roughly one month to complete. "

Izzah in New Zealand.

Image via @izzahibrahim__ (Twitter)

She went on to advise her followers that it is critical to apply for an Inland Revenue Department (IRD) tax number in order to work legally in New Zealand

"I arrived in Auckland on 14 November, had a bank appointment on 18 November, and applied for [an] IRD number online on the same day. I got my IRD number Monday morning on 20 November," she wrote.

"No IRD number and bank account means nobody will employ you here."

She then revealed the next and final step in moving abroad, which is to secure a full-time job.

Izzah also advised other Malaysians to look for a company with an Accredited Employer Work (AEW) Visa in order to work in the country permanently for up to three years.

"The company needs to have an Accredited status by the New Zealand government, only then they can sponsor your AEW Visa," she added.

Izzah revealed that the total cost to move abroad is approximately RM10,900, which is inclusive of the bond money, a one-way flight ticket, and the visa

She also shared that she had quit her nine-to-five office job in Malaysia to work at a small bakery in Auckland, fulfilling her goal of living a slow and peaceful life.

"I love my job so much. I get to meet different people every day, have fun small talks, and entertain kids who are buying fun buns," she said.

"All I have to do is ask my customers, 'Do you want your bread sliced? Toast or sandwich?' and that's it."

The 27-year-old said that the bakery is paying her NZD27 (RM73) per hour, and that she only has to work from 11am to 6.45pm on weekdays.

The bakery where Izzah is currently working at.

Image via @izzahibrahim__ (Twitter)

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