12 Must-Try Street Food The Next Time You’re In Jakarta

The peanut sauce is errthangg!

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1. Kerak Telor (Spicy Omelette)

The mouth-watering pancake is a mix of rice, meat floss, and duck egg that's deep-fried to a golden crisp! It's topped with some bawang goreng and serunding for some extra flavour. No trip to Jakarta is complete without having this!

2. Gado-Gado (Mixed Salad With Peanut Sauce)

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Kuah kacang is a huge thing here in Jakarta and Gado Gado is one of the best ways to sample it. The dish consists of rice vermicelli, crackers, mixed boiled vegetables, tofu, tempeh with a generous scoop of fragrant peanut sauce. So simple yet so good!

3. Bebek Goreng (Fried Duck)

If you love duck meat, then you certainly need to try this popular Bebek Goreng dish. Similar to Ayam Penyet, the dish consists of rice, fresh veggies and a side of kickin' sambal that's just perfect for spicy food lovers.

4. Satay (Meat Skewers)

You can try a few different styles of eating satay here! The classic way to have these meaty skewers - marinated in herbs and spices and chargrilled to perfection - would be to have them drenched in spicy peanut sauce with a squeeze of lime. Alternatively, you can also try the Madura-style ones that are glazed with sticky sweet soy sauce.

5. Bakso (Meatball Soup)

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If you’re a fan of soup, Bakso is something you MUST eat in Jakarta or any part of Indonesia for that matter. The popular meatball soup is typically served with vermicelli or you can just have the soup and meatball itself.- Either way you'll be in for a real treat!

6. Sop Buntut (Oxtail Sup)

Also a must-try dish in Jakarta, the flavourful soup usually consists of tender oxtail, veggies and a scoop of sambal. This hearty bowl is not to be missed!

8. Roti Bakar (Toast)

Just like here in Malaysia, Roti Bakar is a popular breakfast dish in Jakarta. You can have the buttery toast sandwiched with fillings and topped with condensed milk, chocolate, shredded cheese and more. If you're lucky, some stalls even have the option to add ice cream as a topping. What a way to start the day!

9. Martabak Manis (Sweet Pancake)

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A makan trip to Jakarta is never complete without trying the famous Martabak Manis. The buttery and thick Indonesian-style pancake can be topped with awesome things like cheddar cheese, chocolate, condensed milk and cream cheese. It also comes in cool flavours such as Red Velvet, Charcoal and more. Seriously epic!

10. Es Pisang Ungu (Purple Banana Shaved Ice)

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Adventurous foodies would appreciate this bizzare but cute-looking dessert, a combination of sweet potato and banana. A side of syrup-topped shaved ice adds a refreshing taste to this sweet dish. You'll never have a dessert quite like it!

11. Murtabak Telor

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If you prefer savoury murtabak, try out the Murtabak Telor. What makes it mind-blowingly delicious is the crispiness on the outside and fluffiness on the inside. A sprinkling of spring onion helps to add some extra flavour! This is comfort food at its best.

12. Bubur Madura

A classic Indonesian dessert! Served in banana leaf, the dessert consists of sago pearls, palm sugar, coconut cream, and pandan-infused bubur kacang.

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