12 Epic Eats Every Foodie Needs To Try At This Locals-Approved Night Market In Bangkok

It's a true food heaven!

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Mention markets in Bangkok and Chatuchak may be the first thing that comes to mind. But another popular spot is slowly but surely taking over the spotlight: the ultra-colourful Rot Fai Night Market!

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Located in the Ratchada area, the offbeat market is a hit with locals and travelers alike for its artsy vibe and insanely epic food stalls!

Here are some mouthwatering dishes you need to try when checking out this diet-busting night market:

1. Leng Saab (Boiled Pig Spine With Hot & Spicy Soup)

Round up your makan gang and order up this giant tower of boiled pig spine drenched in hot and spicy soup. You can start small with the Medium size or go all the way with the XXL portion, but either way you'll be in for an unforgettable meal!

2. Moo Ping (Thai-style Grilled Pork)

Marinated with fish sauce, palm sugar and garlic, these pork satays are then glazed with sweet sauce before being grilled to perfection. Have your Moo Ping the traditional way with some sticky rice. Chicken and beef options are available too!

3. Seafood Takoyaki

If you're a fan of takoyaki, this simple and satisfying snack is not to be missed. This Thai-style version is stuffed with your choice of seafood including squid, mussels, crab sticks, and prawns. Enjoy it with a drizzle of Thai chili sauce.

4. Pla Pao (Salt Crusted Grilled Fish)

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The crowd-favourite Salt Crusted Grilled Fish is a must-try here at Rot Fai, with its delicious salt-battered crust. You can choose to pair the fish with more seafood, some noodles, and even a side of kerabu.

5. Rainbow Grilled Cheese

You'll never look at grilled cheese the same way again! The rainbow-coloured Mozzarella is sandwiched between fluffy brioche slices before being grilled to get its ooey gooey texture. Wouldn't this look cute on your Instagram feed? ;)

6. Marinated Octopus

If it wasn't clear before, it's definitely clear now: Rot Fai Market is a true heaven for seafood lovers! This flavourful marinated octopus is best enjoyed with their signature sweet and tangy Thai green chili sauce for that extra kick.

7. Pork Ribs

Pork ribs fans, rejoice! Treat yourself to these huge slabs of tender pork ribs, coated in its signature smoky BBQ sauce.

8. Khanom Bueang (Sweet Mini Crepe)

These tiny crispy pancakes are filled with coconut cream and come with a choice of shredded shrimp or egg yolk as topping. If you're a fan of sweet and savoury flavours, then these cute treats are for you!

9. Kanom Kai Nok Krata (Sweet Potato Balls)

If you're into hearty snacks, you'll love these Sweet Potato Balls. Soft on the inside and crisp on the outside, these sweet balls are best enjoyed while they're still hot. For something truly unique, try the charcoal-flavoured sweet potato balls!

10. Watermelon Smoothie

If all that munching has got you thirsty, get hydrated with the refreshing Watermelon Smoothie. The cute drink is served in a watermelon bowl and topped with even more watermelon, making this a real thirst-quencher for sure! If you're not a fan of watermelon, check out their honeydew version instead.

11. Crispy Crepes

Available in both savoury and sweet flavours, this popular paratha-like dish is also a must-try when walking around Rot Fai Market. If you like it sweet, go for a drizzle of condensed milk and chocolate syrup. If you prefer something savoury, the egg-and-cheese filling is bound to satisfy.

12. Khao Niao Mamuang (Mango Sticky Rice)

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Don't leave without trying some Mango Sticky Rice! Made even cuter with its colourful selection of rice, the sweet pulut is drizzled with a rich coconut sauce and topped generously with fresh mango cubes.

BONUS: Fried insects for the truly adventurous

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If you're up for it, the market is also a great place to try a wide range of insect-based snacks including crickets, silkworms, and even giant water bugs. These aren't for the faint-hearted, for sure!

Can't wait to head here soon? Get more details on Ratchada's Rot Fai Market here:

Location: Ratcadaphisek Road (nearby Esplanade Shopping Mall), Ratchada, Bangkok

Getting There: It's a few minutes' walk away from the National Cultural Centre MRT Station

Opening hour: 5pm - 1am (daily)

More info on: Facebook 

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