[PHOTOS] Have You Seen These Cute Siew Yoke Earrings?

Look at that layer of fat!

Cover image via Naiise

If you're looking for a pair of statement earrings, look no further

Image via Naiise

From the creator of these cute little ang ku kueh and char koay teow figurines we featured before...

Image via TinyPinc
Image via TinyPinc
Image via TinyPinc

Yup, you're looking at nasi lemak cufflinks!

These siew yoke earrings by TinyPinc could be the craziest addition to your collection of accessories

Image via Naiise

Or the most unconventional conversation starter you've ever worn.

These realistic siew yoke stud earrings are made out of polymer clay with a whole 'lard' of love by miniature artist Ling Hooi Yin. Although you may feel peckish for some siew yoke right now, these little meaty babies are not edible of course.

Look at that layer of fat!

Image via

* hyperventilates * 

They're only 1cm by 1cm small, and don't worry, they won't melt under the sun :D

Image via Naiise

They'll stay fresh forever. 

You can buy these earrings from Naiise for RM60, here

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Shipping is free for purchases above RM99. Happy shopping!

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Or tag them to get you a pair! :P

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