A Michelin-Starred Restaurant In Japan Has Released Its Own Cup Noodles

So yums!

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Last November, Nakiryu in Tokyo became the second ramen restaurant in the world to receive a Michelin star - one of the highest honours a restaurant can receive

Nakiryu in Tokyo, Japan.

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Nakiryu is known for its tantanmen, which is like a ramen variation of dan dan noodles, the spicy Szechuan noodle dish.

Nakiryu's Michelin-star-worthy tantamee.

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Dan dan noodles are pretty good on its own, but when combined with ramen, it's in a league of its own. Nakiryu’s version of the dish consists of a rich broth, tender chunks of ground pork, scallions, and plenty of noodles for slurping.

Ever since Nakiryu was awarded the star, lines at the restaurant have been pretty crazy. It's common to see people standing in line for hours for a bowl of their ramen.

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But for those who don't have the time and luxury to line up, Nakiryu has partnered with Nissin Foods to create an instant noodle incarnation of the award-winning dish!

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Like many other cup noodles out there, all you have to do is add hot water, pour in the special chili oil, and wait for four minutes.

But does it tastes as good as the real thing?

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As crazy as it sounds, the packaged product is apparently comparable to the real thing at Nakiryu!

RocketNews24 sent one of its writers to try the cup noodle and he only had good things to say about it.

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"Our writer began to wonder if recreating a Michelin star meal could possibly be this easy. However, the oil had a luxuriously deep red color and a rich aroma of sesame that began to cast away all of his doubts," the website said.

While the soup's sour and spicy flavour was commendable, the texture of the noodle took the limelight

Image via RocketNews24
Image via RocketNews24

"One of the more memorable parts of Nakiryu’s Dandan was the delectably textured noodles, and much to our reporter’s surprise the cup noodle version managed to somehow recreate that! Just like in the restaurant, the thin noodles trapped in the broth for an even flavour in each bite. It was magnificent."

Damn, that sounds REALLY GOOD.

The writer wasn't satisfied yet. He wanted to achieve the real Nakiryu experience - so he added more chili oil, some chopped cashews, and vinegar to the dish.

Image via RocketNews24
Image via RocketNews24

Ta-da, a Michelin star-worthy instant meal!

Unfortunately for us, the cup noodle is only available in Japan at the moment :(

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Those living in Japan can purchase the cup noodle at most local grocery and convenience stores for 200 yen (around RM7.80) each.

If you want to try one badly enough, you can order a cup at this online store for 360 yen (around RM14.10), a slightly higher price to pay.

Trust Japan to come out with an ice cream that doesn't even melt. Seriously.

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