Japan Accidentally Invented An Ice Cream That Doesn't Melt... Even Under A Hairdryer

It's pretty cool.

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There is now an ice cream in Japan that will take a much longer time than usual to melt

And it's all because of an accident made by a pastry chef back in 2011

In 2011, when Japan was still recovering from the earthquake and tsunami, a chef was asked to find a way to use strawberries grown in areas suffering from the natural disasters.

The strawberry plants in those areas were so strongly affected by the disaster that their fruits wouldn't form into their normal shape. Unsurprisingly, customers didn't want to buy them. So this resulted in a bunch of fresh fruit that would probably go to waste.

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The chef used the strawberries in a variety of ways and discovered something interesting about the fruit. He complained that a part of the strawberry, when added to cream, caused it to solidify.

A team of scientists then decided to take a closer look and found a compound in the strawberry that when added to ice cream, would stop it from melting!

The ice cream is not completely heat-resistant, but it lasts much longer than a regular ice cream would under the sun

According to Takeshi Toyoda, president of the research centre that invented the ice cream, "It’s unclear how long the popsicles can last in high temperatures, but it is expected to remain almost the same even if exposed to the hot air from a dryer.”

And since the ingredients used are completely natural, local ice cream parlours in Japan now produce uniquely-shaped popsicles that will stay the way they are as you eat them

They're super cute too!

If you get one of these hoping to get an Instagram-worthy picture, you can know for sure that you can spend all the time you want choosing that perfect filter. Your treat will stay the way it is.

Would you try this ice cream? Or would you prefer to stick to ones that will melt? Let us know in the comments below!

Unfortunately, these ice creams haven't arrived in Malaysia just yet. So while you're waiting, check out some of these sweet treats:

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