[NANDINI SAYS] Simple Tamil Words You Can Use To Order At A Mamak

Don't have to worry about the anneh getting your orders wrong dah!

Cover image via SAYS

We Malaysians love our mamak restaurants.

I mean, what would we be without maggi goreng, teh tarik, roti canai and all customised to our taste and liking? :O

Image via SAYS/YouTube

Wah, I don't want to imagine life without these things! 

As a Tamil-speaking person, ordering at a mamak is usually a breeze for me, especially since most of the workers are South Indians who are sometimes fresh off the boat. 

But I've seen some non-Tamil speaking friends sometimes struggle with ordering at the mamak or trying to customise their orders. 

So, here are some words and phrases in Tamil to make ordering and eating at a mamak easier for you:

Aaah, now you pro dah, go and impress the anneh at the mamak!

Image via SAYS/YouTube

More videos in my exaggerated Indian/Malaysian accent:

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