[NANDINI SAYS] How To Respond To Catcallers

Buy rat poison! :P

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Amoi, amoi.
Weet. Weet.
Tanggechiii pegi manaaa.

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Marahnya, rasa macam nak baling kasut when I hear cat callers saying stuff like this

Image via SAYS/YouTube

While their annoying voices may make you feel like you wanna punch their faces, my best advice would be to walk away. Don't give them any attention or even acknowledge they exist.

Image via SAYS/YouTube

But if it looks like a safe space, i.e., well-lit, crowded area where you know you're safe or can be saved if things go wrong, it might not be the worst idea to tackle cat calling with a bit of wit or humour, maybe macam ni:

Just remember to not marah-marah because that's what they'd expect from you.

You're more likely to confuse or piss them off with your calm and cheerful responses. :)

Image via SAYS/YouTube

More videos in my exaggerated Indian/Malaysian accent:

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